LoginRadius Social Platform December Update
Dec 2014

It’s essential to stay on top of any technical changes and product development to ensure that you don’t miss new LoginRadius social platform features that may help your business.

To help you keep up with the product updates, I have created a brief summary of  the most important upgrades and changes made by social ID providers, LoginRadius and others. These are all changes that you may find interesting or useful as a current LoginRadius customer.

Read on to get the lowdown on what all has changed in the past month.

1. Performance Improvement of Social Login Interface

One of the major enhancements we completed in the last month is improving the performance of the interface related JSON api. We have added caching and serving interface configuration through our global CDN. Your interface configuration settings are cached now and will be served directly from your nearest location.

What does this mean to you? You social login interface can now have these awesome features:

  1. Faster loading speed : Fetching JSON now only takes few milliseconds during initial load and after caching it will be instant.
  2. Global distribution : Now the JSON configuration for the social login interface will be served from the nearest data center to each user browsing your website.
  3. Scalability :  All of the attributes above combine to provide better service and create a more scalable solution.

If you are using LoginRadius’ pre-built interfaces, we have auto enabled these improvements for you.

If you are using a custom interface with full customization, please contact our support team to get the latest JavaScript and gain access to these features.

2. Improved Custom Interface Template – Version 3

Serving faster UIs and providing a better user experience is very important for any website – keeping this goal in mind, our engineering team conducted research everyday on how to improve the user experience and UI performance. This led to our next step forward in providing an even faster custom interface; we have released the newest version (v3) of our Custom Interface.

This interface template is built with Javascript and contains interface configuration in the local browser. So when a user browses the website, the social login interface won’t need to make a server side call to fetch those configuration settings.  Using this approach, the custom interface load time has been reduced from few milliseconds to 0!

If you are using a custom interface with full customization, please contact our support team to migrate to the new custom interface template.

3. Added New Password Hashing Algorithms for Cloud storage

Due to customer demand last month we added another powerful feature to our Cloud Storage system; Password Hashing Algorithms. We have added more password hashing algorithms and various salt options as well.

These new algorithms will cover the most common CMSs and technology so now you can migrate any of your existing users to our cloud storage database using the same password hashing algorithm you are currently using. You don’t need to change anything with your current system.

These are the following Password hashing algorithms we now support:

  1. HMAC-SHA1
  2. PHPass
  3. MD5
  4. Drupal-7 version of PHPass

4. Joomla 3.X Advanced plugin

We are working on improving our social plugins based on our new API additions and adding new features. Specifically, we have developed a new plugin version 3.8 that will support the latest Joomla version-3.X.

What’s new in Advanced v3.8 for Joomla?

  1. Improved performance with API calls
  2. Added responsive interface for social login
  3. Added responsive layout for social sharing interface
  4. New ID providers – Xing and mail.ru
  5. More customization features for the social login user experience through Prestashop


We are always looking for feedback and any additional features you’re looking for in our unified social API, so please feel free to comment below or contact us.