Revamped Mobile SDK libraries released – Android, iOS, PhoneGap
Mar 2016

Our engineering has revamped the mobile SDKs and has come up with a new structure that makes it easier for the developers to use the respective SDKs

  1. Unified SDK for social login and user registration: The features of both social login and user registration have now been put together into a single SDK, which will simplify the manner  in which developers  incorporate these features into their code.
  2. Including Latest APIs:  Mobile  SDK contains updates to the most recent LoginRadius API. The customers can access all the latest features in the LoginRadius APis.
  3. Support Native login with Social Networks: Our mobile SDKs support native social network logins with Facebook, Google and Twitter. The iOS SDK support native login with Facebook/Twitter and Android SDK support native login with Google/Facebook.
  4. Improved quality: The android and the iOS SDKs have been improved by including critical fixes. We have added functionality for error handling and push notification after registration and login.
  5. Enhanced Demo Apps: We have added all the SDK options in the demo apps. Demo apps has complete demo implementation for all the SDKs that makes it easy to review and view the implementation process.