Xamarin SDK v 1.1 released
Jun 2016

Using  cross-platform development approach has emerged as one of the popular approaches for building mobile apps. Xamarin allows developers to write mobile apps for iOS and Android using C# and has established itself as one of the leading cross-platform development framework. With the goal to increase our outreach to different mobile platforms,LoginRadius cIAM solution is now available for Xamarin and by following few simple steps, developers can integrateLoginRadius registration and social login products into their apps.Our engineering team has released Xamarin SDK v1.1 which can be downloaded here from the Xamarin component store.

The LoginRadius SDK for Xamarin provides a set of .NET libraries, code samples, and documentation to help developers integrate LoginRadius cIAM solution in their applications for iOS and Android.

  1. It provides the implementation of basic functionality of Registration Service and Social Login. This version does not cover the native social login which will be released in the next version.
  2. The currentLoginRadius SDK supports both iOS and Android. There is no support for Windows currently.

The Github link to download the latest version is here. Developers can follow here to view the detailed steps to integrate the solution.  Reach out to support  or live-chat in case of any queries regarding integrating the solution.