Core API Release 11.2
Jun 2016

Our product engineering team is constantly challenged to think in different ways to come up with new features and enhancements that would delight our customers. In this platform release, along with several improvements and bug fixes, we have introduced brand new features such as one click login, support for custom OAuth2.0 provider and enabling password strength that we’re sure our customers would love  to use. Please see the change log to view the details. The salient features of this release are as follows :  


  • One click login : This new feature will let the users login into the web property without having to remember any password. The premise of passwordless authentication is that passwords are unnecessary when the majority of users have secure personal messaging accounts such as email and SMS. For more details follow here
  • Support for custom OAuth-2.0 provider : LoginRadius now supports custom OAuth-2.0. Using this feature will enable our customers to configure any provider that conforms to OAuth-2.0 standards, enabling  their users to login using the provider. Contact LoginRadius support to configure any custom provider.
  • Flexibility to allow registration with business-only e-mail : This will enable customers to allow their users to register and login using only business email.
  • Password strength feature : This new feature allows our customers to ensure that their users use strong passwords in order to thwart any potentially malicious brute force attacks. Follow here for more details
  • Introducing new Server-side api : Our customers want to implement LoginRadius solution by using a flow that falls in line with their existing technology and business process. In order to allow greater flexibility in implementing LoginRadius solutions, we have released  few server side apis such as  password-reset and update user profile using token. We will continue to release even more server side apis in our forthcoming releases.
  • New social provider – Pinterest : We’ve added pinterest as a new social provider in our platform.  Customers can now allow their users to use  Pinterest to login into their web property.
  • Improvements in existing apis : We have made improvements to our existing registration apis and identity aps. For e.g We have enhanced our identity-user-list api to include a new field called “Total users”, which is the count of total registered users regardless of whether they’ve logged in once or not. Customers will now also have the option to disable manual account linking.

Reach out to support  or live-chat in case of any queries regarding  implementing the new features and enhancements.