DOT.NET SDK v 3.1.1 released
Jul 2016

Our engineering team has  released version 3.1.1  of DOT-NET SDK, which contains more features, enhancements and bug fixes.  Please see the change log.

The latest  version of the DOT-NET SDK includes the following enhancements:

  1. Cloud storage API : This SDK includes support for 2 of our cloud storage API. There are identity (user-list) api and aggregation query data api. The identity api  can be used by the  customer to get details about all the registered users for their site and is frequently used by our customers
  2. New Custom object apis added  :  This version includes few more custom object apis such as object check and custom-object-stats. The customers can now use all of our custom object apis through this SDK.
  3. Performance improvement and optimization  : The performance of the SDK has been improved and more optimization steps have been implemented. It has a better support to handle network errors and failures and by changing the encoding from ASCII to UTF-8, the sdk has a better interoperability with our existing database assets.
  4. Improved documentation : Improving  the documentation, the parameter names and method names have also been modified to sync them up with the names used in the api docs. The classes and namespaces have been  re-written for the ease of implementation and more relevant naming conventions have been used.
  5. Bug fixes : We have fixed a critical defect in this sdk with regards to accessing the update custom object api

Download the latest version here and follow the api docs here.