What’s new in latest platform release 13
Nov 2016

Our product engineering team has been hard at work over the past several months to develop delightful new features for our customers, and now it’s about time to share with you what we’ve been up to. In a major update, we added new security features such as the highly requested Security Question Feature and Two-Factor Authentication. Among other improvements, we’ve also introduced language customization hooks and open API. These features would enhance our customers’ experience in using the LoginRadius software. Please see below for more details:

  • Security Question: This feature provides the administrator with the ability to configure security questions to use during the registration and password reset processes. This would be immensely useful for account recovery and protection.
  • Two-Factor Authentication: Two-Factor Authentication, also known as 2FA, two-step verification or TFA, is an extra layer of security that is known as “multi-factor authentication”. This requires not only a password and username, but also a physical token (i.e. One-time code) to authenticate the user during the login process.
  • One-time Passcode (OTP): This feature can be used as the second factor in the two-factor authentication process. An OTP is sent to the user via SMS, with which the user would use to authenticate their identity before receiving the option to reset their password. A user can also log in without entering the password, but this option works only for a phone number login enabled website.
  • Webhooks: Integrations have been extremely critical for our customers and we’ve introduced webhooks in order to help our customers integrate with other systems. Webhooks work on the subscription and notification model, i.e. subscribe your hook and get a notification. Webhooks are equivalent to RESThooks, except for the fact that webhooks provide security on the basis of signatures whereas RESThook work on unique URL.
  • SignupDate and LastLoginDate: These profile data fields have been added to the user profile, which will help in maintaining the most recent login date and the signup date of a user.
  • Open API: This provides you with the ability to delegate the user login functionality to a 3rd party provider and allows your users to login to LoginRadius
  • Landing Form Submission API: This API can be used for the landing page or feedback form. The API is also flexible the parameters that show on user consent screen.
  • Language Customization: We’ve introduced additional hooks to support better customization, readability, and flexibility with the user registration form. This provides a way to display the labels, placeholders, validation messages, and error messages in your local language.
  • New Password Hashing Algorithm: A new password hashing algorithm, PBKDF2 (Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2), has been added to our system.
  • Improvements:
    • The number of custom fields have been extended to 15.
    • Custom field checkbox value now appears in the profile as either true or false instead of “on”.
    • Hosted Page (i.e.  https://<site-name>.hub.loginradius.com/auth.aspx) has been updated with new features.
    • Now supports the Facebook OAuth version 2.8.
    • Vkontakte OAuth APIs have been updated with the most recent version.


  • Bug Fixes:
    • User Update API: Updating the first or last name of a user profile also updates the full name.
    • The API V2 that is currently in beta is now more stable after the recent bug fixes.



Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.