LoginRadius Core Release Version 16.6
May 2017

This new release of the LoginRadius APIs, brings enhancements with new features. Please see below for more details:

  • Access Token Invalidation: All of the access tokens will be automatically invalidated as soon as the user is archived.
  • Default Role: The new ‘default role’ feature allows you to have a preconfigured role that is automatically set when creating a new user. Please contact LoginRadius Support to enable this feature.
  • Roles for Secondary API Secret: When generating a secondary API Secret, you can now decide its level of access. Please contact LoginRadius Support to enable this feature.
  • New Webhook Events: UpdateCustomobject, DeleteCustomObject, CreateCustomObject.
  • AutoLogin API: We have added one more parameter in the AutoLogin API. Now you can pass ‘redirectUrl’ to redirect on a particular URL after clicking on the link.
  • nullsupport as QueryParameter: Now you can now pass ‘nullsupport’ as a query parameter to update the user profile fields to null.

Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.