LoginRadius Core Release V20.0.0
Mar 2018

Introducing the LoginRadius Core API release 20.0.0 that includes brand new functionality and enhancements. see below for a summary of the changes and improvements


Privacy Policy Versioning: To keep track of the privacy policy version that a user has agreed to on your site, you now have the ability to save and update this information directly in the user profile.

Access Token on Registration Event:This new workflow will help streamline the implementation process and reduce the number of API calls necessary by providing the capability to get an access_token on registration, given that your LoginRadius site has either Optional or Disabled Email verification flows enabled.

Registration Workflow Options: Additional options that restricts the registration workflow on a granular level have been added. This will allow you to block certain types of registrations, such as social registration, custom provider registration, and traditional registration, etc.

Event-Based Re-Authentication: We have added this new security feature to trigger re-authentication on selected events, such as delete profile, update profile, and more.


Change Password Validation: The Change Password API can now apply back-end validation.

Forgot Password API: The forgot password API is now case-insensitive.

Forgot Password API: Added support for requesting password resets via UserName.


Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.