LoginRadius .NET SDK Release V5.1.0
Aug 2018

This release of our LoginRadius .NET SDK contains changes that provide more flexibility as to how you call our different APIs along with a few new calls.


  • Added Access Token on Registration Event.
  • Simplified API Request Signing without requiring the API secret.
  • Request Access Token Pass in Header.
  • Added option to Prevent Sending Email Verification.
  • API Route Changes for better naming.
  • Improved reCAPTCHA for Authentication APIs.
  • Added OTP Lockout feature.
  • Updating Demos with LoginSurface for login/Registration.
  • Added new multiple APIs for better user experience.
  • Added API to Remove Phone ID by access_token.
  • Added Authentication API to verify email and reset password by OTP.
  • Added API Account Identities by Email.
  • Added API to get SOTT from server.
  • Added API to add, get, delete and update registration data.
  • Validate secret code API is added.
  • Added Authentication APIs to login by email, username and phone using POST method.
  • Added Authentication APIs to Reset password by security answer and username/email/phone.
  • Get Configurations API is added.
  • One touch Login APIs by email and OTP are added.
  • One touch OTP Verification API is also added.
  • Smart Login by Email/Username/Ping and verify token APIs have been added.
  • Passwordless login by email,username and verification APIs have been added.
  • Added APIs for phone login using OTP and to send OTP.
  • Added APIs to update MFA settings and MFA Authentication by Access token and to verify MFA by backup code.
  • APIs to validate MFA by Google authentication code, OTP, Backup code and password have been added.


  • Changed HTTP method name to UPPER CASE.
  • Fixed serialization related issue in datetime parsing from .net to javascript.


You can get this latest version from our Git repository.

You can also get this latest version via NuGet: https://www.nuget.org/packages/LoginRadiusSDK.NET/5.0.1


Please reach out to support or live-chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding the implementation of the new features and enhancements.