LoginRadius Android SDK Version 5.0.0
Jun 2022

We have launched a new version 5.0.0 of our Android SDK on Github and the Maven Central repository. Please see below for further details:


  • Added a Security Improvement in the Android SDK for storing secure information like a key, token, and secret in the Android Keystore system. The Android Keystore system lets you store cryptographic keys in a container to make them more difficult to extract from the device.
  • The LoginRadius SDK provides the public helper functions encryptData() & decryptData() for the Secure Keystore encryption process. These functions will be used for the encryption and decryption of sensitive information that will be stored inside the project.
  • Updated the Facebook SDK with the latest version.

Breaking Changes:

There will be one minor breaking change in terms of SDK implementation for developers migrating from version 4.9.2 of LoginRadius Android SDK. In this version, a Facebook Client Token will be required while implementing Facebook native login. For more information please refer to our implementation guide.

You can obtain this via our GitHub page or you can refer to the SDK documentation for details and installation instructions.

Please reach out to our support or live chat for general inquiries and assistance regarding implementing the new features and enhancements.