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Electronic Theatre Controls: A LoginRadius Customer Success Story

ETC now manages user identity centrally with LoginRadius CIAM. This allows the team to create and manage unified consumer profiles that can be used throughout the business’ entire digital ecosystem.


Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) is a global leader in the manufacture of lighting and rigging technology for venues large and small. As a premium marketplace innovator, the business' products are utilized in theaters, churches, hotels, schools, opera houses, and more across the globe.

As business is thriving for the pioneering North American firm, it realized that maintaining it, however, is only possible by identifying and delivering opportunities that are of greater value for customers.

So, when ETC's management turned its attention to customer web services (for example), ETC spotted a chance to leverage value by extending and improving its customer web offerings.

Simplifying complex identity management challenges

When ETC Controls began looking for a vendor, they were looking for someone experienced in meeting the needs of businesses like theirs. They wanted to find a partner who could help them achieve their goals and make the company more efficient.

ETC web services, for example, are utilized by multiple user types (e.g., dealers, consumers). While these user groups have very different needs, ETC needed a partner capable of managing profiles throughout the business' digital ecosystem.

While ETC identified an opportunity to simplify its customer experiences across multiple platforms, its leaders also wanted to streamline data management: making it easier than ever before to gain insights into the business' online operations.

ETC was impressed by LoginRadius' modular identity solution platform and its team's deep understanding of the complexities of managing and integrating identities with backend technologies.

Streamlining login, access and management

Complying to the customer's needs, LoginRadius delivered a backend implementation of its reliable, secure services to ETC in an organized, methodical, and seamless way.

It needed to be in order to ensure the system's successful integration with a number of platforms - including BigCommerce and HubSpot.

A plug-and-play solution, LoginRadius offers the industry's fastest average implementation. This help businesses work against tight deadlines while ensuring a best-in-class digital presence without overextending the company's budget.

Uniting identity management in digital ecosystems

By introducing LoginRadius CIAM means that ETC now manages user identity centrally. LoginRadius allows ETC's team to create and manage unified consumer profiles that can be used throughout the business' entire digital ecosystem.

Working with LoginRadius ensures there are no identity silos - enabling ETC to see consumers as a whole.

Simplifying how consumers connect to multiple web properties

LoginRadius SSO supports a new identity management feature: single-sign on. Its introduction means users need just one login to access content across ETC's various web platforms.

With support from LoginRadius, ETC successfully unified its multiple products within a single ecosystem - allowing the business - to gain a unified view of its consumers (and their behaviors).

The centralized login system enables users to seamlessly navigate third-party sites without needing to log back whenever they return.


Identifying actionable behavioral insights

To stay relevant to customers' changing needs, ETC needed to gain a greater understanding of their customer's online behavior.

LoginRadius' advanced user segmentation and analytics tools deepen the team's understanding of its customers - creating opportunities to enhance targeting and personalization. Leveraging data from its reports allows the team to get the actionable insights they need to continue meeting customer expectations.

LoginRadius' Consumer Insights tool provides ETC with crucial information, such as viewing preferences, recent interactions, and purchase history. When combined, details like these help the business target customers more efficiently in a variety of ways, including personalized offers and content.

The show must go on…

To guarantee ETC's success at every level, LoginRadius introduced dedicated account management and support from the outset…

… and that continues to this day. Since completing their first project together, LoginRadius continues to work closely with the team as part of its larger, continuing activities.


Saikiran Babladi

Written by Saikiran Babladi

Saikiran is the Senior Solutions Engineer at LoginRadius Inc. He interacts with prospective customers to understand their use-case/pain areas and provides a fit-for-purpose solution by delivering product demos and POC's.

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