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Handling Scalability and Enhancing Security with LoginRadius

Without a highly scalable infrastructure, it is not possible to handle increasing account creations and logins. Even peak loads can dramatically impede performance and degrade the consumer experience for any business. Learn how LoginRadius empowers businesses to deliver a secure and delightful user experience to their consumers.

User experience backed by security is all that a business needs to focus on in today’s era when consumers are always on a hunt for better experiences without any threat to their identities and personal data.

LoginRadius understands the importance of a secure and flawless experience for consumers, especially amid the global pandemic when everyone is online and the number of data breaches is substantially increasing.

Since consumers and businesses have transitioned to online platforms amidst the global crisis, there’s a huge possibility that the number of logins and the creation of new accounts will surge.

Without a highly scalable infrastructure to handle the increasing account creations and logins, peak loads can dramatically impede performance and can also hamper consumer experience.

For this, you need to ensure you have a robust identity solution that grows at the same pace.

Here’s LoginRadius for you. A leading CIAM solution provider that empowers businesses to deliver a secure and delightful user experience to their clients through its comprehensive and scalable consumer identity and access management platform.


Let’s understand how LoginRadius handles scalability with the ability to cater to 5-10x more users with the highest level of security.

A Robust Cloud Infrastructure

With 100% uptime and 35 data centers across the globe, LoginRadius’ cloud-based platform can scale to 100s of millions of users in a couple of seconds.

This is perhaps the reason why global leaders including Fortune 500 companies and startups with hundreds of millions of users rely on us.

Auto-scalable Infrastructure

No business can give precise predictions regarding the upsurge in their number of daily signups or subscriptions in today’s era when the internet has become the second home for most of us.

Thus, businesses need to understand the importance of a robust and scalable CIAM solution that can handle a sudden rush in the number of logins or sign-ups without hampering the user experience.

With LoginRadius, you can be sure enough to deliver the best user experience to your existing clients and potential subscribers as our cloud infrastructure automatically scales to accommodate swiftly changing loads of data storage, account creation, consumer authentication, new application deployment, and more.

Organizational Level Licensing

With LoginRadius’ advanced CIAM solution, enterprises can leverage a single corporate license that ensures the platform can flawlessly scale across your organization’s web and mobile applications, offering availability through subsidiaries and geographic locations.

The innovative solution crafted to deliver a seamless experience across your organization’s web and mobile application helps in delivering a rich user experience to your consumers every time they use their website/ application to log in or sign-up.

Platform Security

LoginRadius offers endless solutions that enhance the overall security of your platform. Whether it’s account verification workflow or validating the provided identity, everything is backed by a highly secure infrastructure.

Apart from this, businesses must ensure that their clients’ data is efficiently and securely handled, especially when a huge number of identities get stolen daily.

To safeguard your clients’ identities and personal details, LoginRadius ensures you get compliance with all the necessary data privacy and security regulations including EU’s GDPR and CCPA.

Data security and privacy are ensured through a built-in web application firewall along with cryptographic hashing algorithms that further reinforce clients’ data security.

Moreover, with industry-standard authentication methods and security features including multi-factor authentication (MFA), risk-based authentication (RBA), and geo-fencing LoginRadius has woven a trust over clients.

Innovative Technology Infrastructure

Businesses can rely on the cutting-edge technology offered by LoginRadius that helps every enterprise regardless of the industry and domain to deliver rich consumer experiences backed by the highest level of data and privacy security. Here’s what LoginRadius’ innovative CIAM offers:

  • Scalable Users: LoginRadius’ smart infrastructure auto-scales to accommodate your increasing client base. We ensure there’s no cap on the number of users or subscribers so that there’s no limitation to your business growth.
  • Scalable Applications: LoginRadius’ identity platform scales automatically to handle multiple applications. Hundreds of applications can be handled whether they’re web, smart TV, mobile, gaming console, and so on.
  • Scalable Storage: Data storage is perhaps the biggest challenge among businesses seeking online growth. With LoginRadius’ CIAM, you can seamlessly handle incremental data storage from registered consumers since the LoginRadius Cloud Directory scales automatically and that too in real-time, every time.
  • Scalable Peak Load: Since large client bases necessitate frequent and substantial peak loads of login and account creation activity, LoginRadius’ infrastructure swiftly scales to meet the ever-increasing demands.

Final Thoughts

A robust consumer IAM solution is the need of the hour for businesses delivering online services and catering to a huge client base.

The solution must ensure adequate security for both the clients and enterprise data to avoid any chance of security threat without hampering the overall user experience.

LoginRadius is the leading CIAM solution provider that not only empowers businesses to deliver a rich user experience but eventually offers a robust and highly secure infrastructure that ensures the utmost level of data and privacy security.


Vishal Sharma

Written by Vishal Sharma

Vishal Sharma - a writer by day and a reader by night, is working as a Sr. Content Writer at LoginRadius. With a demonstrated history of thriving business success through sustainable marketing tactics, he ensures high-quality & valuable content is distributed across diverse channels. When not writing, you can find him watching a movie or maybe, reading a book.

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