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Implementing Effective Social Authentication Solution with LoginRadius

Social login enables users to use existing login credentials from a social networking platform including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more enabling simplified logins and registrations. Let’s learn how LoginRadius simplifies social authentication and improves the overall user experience.

Did you know adding social login to your website can drastically enhance engagement and bump-up registrations?

If you’re a business with an online platform that has a significant amount of traffic but unable to generate a good amount of leads, you probably need to rework your website’s authentication process.

Yes, nobody wishes to squander their precious time when it comes to registrations on a website. Or we can say, no one wants to juggle separate passwords and ids for different platforms.

Social login enables users to use existing login credentials from a social networking platform including Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more enabling simplified logins and registrations.

Let’s learn how LoginRadius’ social authentication helps to scale business growth and how to implement social login.

Why Social Login?

While social login bypasses the conventional registration forms that eventually eat up a lot of time, it also builds credibility on an online service provider that is not asking for your details in a single go.

Moreover, another hurdle for businesses seeking business growth through online platforms is the overall security of user data while the information is being collected, stored, and retrieved.

One needs to follow the necessary compliances while collecting PII to ensure that the data is securely collected and managed.

Apart from this, maintaining compliance with enhanced user experience is yet another uphill battle for businesses, especially when all it takes is a couple of seconds to decide whether you have a lead or an increase in the bounce rate of the site.

Here’s the place where you need a smart and efficient social login in place.

LoginRadius’ social authentication not only offers compliance to international privacy and data security regulations but eventually provides a smooth login experience.

Users can quickly sign up for a platform in just a couple of seconds through LoginRadius’ social authentication solution.

Why LoginRadius Social Login?

LoginRadius is the leading consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution provider that has woven a trust among global clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

Our social authentication solution is helping diverse businesses securely manage millions of identities along and offering quick sign-ups without hampering user experience.


Let’s learn why LoginRadius is the one-stop-solution for your online platform:

1. Endless Connection Options - One Unified Social API

With LoginRadius, businesses can enjoy the benefits of social login and experience seamless connectivity with our unified social API.

Our social authentication solution flawlessly combines the APIs of over 40 social networks that create a unified social API fully equipped to handle all the specific features of these platforms.

This not only saves the time and efforts of the developers while they learn each network’s API but ultimately delivers a smooth implementation experience.

2. Maintenance - Free Solution

Since every social media platform keeps on rolling updates in their APIs, LoginRadius ensures every API is up-to-date.

This enhances security and ensures that our clients and their consumers need not worry regarding any issues.

LoginRadius’ social authentication is completely maintenance-free.

3. More than Just Login - A Wealth of First-Party Consumer Data

Enhance your marketing reach with complete access to your consumers’ social profile data that also includes verified email addresses, their interests, contacts, and much more.

With LoginRadius’ social login, you get endless marketing opportunities through which you can convert your visitors into buyers by leveraging real-time data with behavior analysis.

Moreover, the data is collected from the user after their consent and you can have access to their contacts, addresses, interests, likes, and much more.

Here’s the list of social profile data points that you can access through LoginRadius’ advanced social login platform.

4. Easy to Manage Admin Console

LoginRadius not only offers the finest user experience to your clients while they sign-up but eventually delivers rich experience to the site owners through an intuitive admin console.

With LoginRadius Admin Console, you get a single dashboard for social login, data gathering, and other social permissions. You can quickly set configurations through the dashboard and make changes including, but not limited to:

· Add/remove social ID providers

· Configure social ID

· Choose which social data to gather from social networks

· Quickly enable profile access and permissions

· Set token expiration for each social id

5.Native Mobile Support and Responsive Apps

LoginRadius works harmoniously with mobile platforms and integrates natively. The smart login solution quickly detects consumer’s mobile app and authenticates without the need for any social credentials.

This enables users to quickly sign-up for your application without the hassle of entering credentials for their social profiles.

Final Thoughts

While social login inches towards the verge of becoming an industry standard for secure and quick login, businesses need to understand its true potential in improving business growth.

LoginRadius’ social authentication, driven by cutting-edge technology and backed by the highest level of security ensures clients get a seamless user experience that further improves conversion rate.

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