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Intel Cloud Services Authentication on Zend Framework App with LoginRadius

Implement Intel Cloud Services Authentication/Login on your Zend Framework App using LoginRadius

Start Intel Cloud Services Authentication on Zend Framework By Setting Up Your Own LoginRadius Dashboard

LoginRadius Dashborad

Quick Start with PHP

This guide will show you how to implement the user authentication in a PHP application.


PHP Library

This document contains information and examples regarding the LoginRadius PHP SDK.


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Unmatched performance

You’ll never need to worry about the infrastructure.




on a Monthly Basis


Data Centers




User Identities




Peak Load

Fully customizable identity experience

Blend customer registration and authentication with web and mobile assets for a seamless experience.

Free Forever Plan

No Hidden Costs. Free Forever.

Authenticate Your App

$0/ month


No credit card required.


5,000 MAU Free plan supports up to 5,000 Monthly Active Users (MAU).


1 Web or mobile app One website or mobile app is supported.


Standard login Fully customizable Standard Login allows your users to sign up with an email address and password.


3 Social Login Providers Allow your users to sign in with their social accounts including Facebook, Google and Twitter with basic profile data.


Transactional Email Template Transanctional email template can be set up.


Customizable Login Interfaces Host login, registration and forgotten password pages in our cloud. You can select pre-designed template and customize pages according to your branding guidelines.

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