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Do Consumer Identity Programs Really Work for Personalized Marketing?

Consumer identity management is actually a great way to help companies grow. It is through high quality CIAM that a business can create better targeted, safer, more meaningful marketing experiences for their customers.


Marketing is one of the main components of business management and commerce. Consumer response to your product depends highly on the marketing strategy adopted by businesses. How you are selling your product or service is of more significance than what you are selling.

Personalization is becoming more and more common these days with consumer identity at the center of it all. In personalization, the entire consumer experience and services revolve around a consumer and how they connect with a brand personally.

What is Consumer Identity

Consumer identity can be described as the pattern of consumers- what are the products they are buying? How are they interacting with brands? Which platforms are they using to interact with brands? All these things can be included in consumer identity.

Consumer identity can be obtained in many ways. Organizations can gather data like contact details, age or demographic details, social identity, etc. All these factors help the organizations make the marketing experience personalized for the customers.

Customer identity and personalization have benefitted customers in numerous ways, but the main concern for people is- safety.

By implementing a customer identity and access management system, numerous organizations leverage authorization and authentication of users to keep data safe.

Let's talk more about it.

What is Customer Identity and Access Management

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) regulates the authentication and authorization of users who interact with different applications. This system revolves around a customer account that has all the information provided by the user. Using this information, the application makes the entire experience personalized for the user.

Customer identity programs for marketing can enhance the user experience by making it safer and easier.

Benefits of Using Customer Identity Programs for Personalized Marketing

With the digitization of business operations, including marketing, customers are focusing more on user experience and data safety. This may be achieved through consumer identity and access management to create a safe and individualized interface for users.

  • Sign in or registration

When registering for an application the first time, you have to fill out details, including your email id, user name, password, social identity, contact details, social media handles etc; some applications also need other preferences. The main objectives of sharing these details are:

  1. Authentication
  2. Personalization

After this, the application observes your activities and keeps the interface evolving according to the user activities.


  • Multi-factor authentication

In most applications, authentication ends with registration, where the user has to generate an ID and a password. But this is not the case with CIAM. What makes CIAM more secure than other systems is its feature of ongoing authentication. The application continuously works on context-sensitive data and behavioral factors to authenticate the user in an ongoing authentication.

Multi-factor authentication does require many sign-ups, but it uses other methods like codes, one time passwords and a series of questions that are usually personal.

For example, in the case of net banking, you sign into your account to authorize a transaction. Before finalizing the transaction, you have to enter a specific code sent to your contact number or email address.

  • Central data management

The consumer identity program for marketing uses consumer data and information to analyze and personalize the activities. An application has multiple functions and users, which results in a huge amount of data to store and process. Huge data is not the problem; scattered data is.

The effective and efficient use of data is possible only when it is organized systematically. CIAM uses a central data dashboard that stores all the relevant data in one place. There, data can be retrieved, updated and added without causing any disruption to the system.

  • Encryption

Consumer data is precious for your business, and its safety is the number one concern of the users. But, what happens in case of a data breach? If you are using CIAM for your business, you don't have to worry as the system does high-end data encryption while performing other functions. User authentication and data encryption make data more secure in cases of breaches.


There are many benefits of consumer identity programs for marketing, the two most important benefits being safety and personalization. Both of these can be achieved by proper implementation of CIAM from the business leaders.


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