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20 Content Ideas for Most Engaging B2B LinkedIn Posts

Content on LinkedIn makes all the difference to the promotion of a brand. It can make or break one's presence on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the tone of LinkedIn posts, depending on the target demographic.

LinkedIn has now become a go-to website for all professionals to carry out job searches or find connections. Around 260 million users actively use the platform per month to network with professionals and promote their brand. Business to Business (B2B) Marketing involves promoting the services or products of a B2B company. A significant portion of this marketing is carried out online as most business operations have been shifting to the virtual world of the internet. B2B marketing has become increasingly easy with the introduction of LinkedIn, although the platform takes time to deliver significant results.

Is LinkedIn Effective for B2B marketing

In recent times, LinkedIn has become home to 94% of B2B marketers who use the platform to distribute their content. This increase in the number of B2B LinkedIn marketers can be contributed to the effective sales conversion the platform brings. 50% of LinkedIn members consider a company or product they have engaged on LinkedIn.

The reason for the success of B2B LinkedIn Marketing is its massive network of professionals with approximately 760 million users. This gives marketers access to entrepreneurs and professionals from varied social networks and backgrounds looking to invest in an interesting product or service.


Top 20 B2B LinkedIn Post Ideas

On the B2B front, it seems like LinkedIn is a great marketing platform as 77% of B2B marketers plan to increase marketing on the platform. Therefore, coming up with fresh and engaging B2B LinkedIn authentication post ideas is crucial. The right post can boost your sales and leads.

On that note, here are 20 B2B LinkedIn post ideas:

1. Create a compelling company page

The company page is the first thing a potential customer sees. It needs to be captivating and relevant to the target audience. But how can something as simple as a LinkedIn page look captivating? The answer lies not in the look of the page but in quality content.

A business owner looking to appeal to other owners needs to be an open book. Therefore, the page should contain two major aspects. The About Us section should clearly state the goals and services of the business. This will allow the audience or customers to know more about the company and its products and vision.

2. Host in-person events with industry leaders

Business owners are skeptical people. Even after attaining all the information regarding a product or service, a deal will not be made until they meet the person behind the product. Therefore, to gain the trust of a potential B2B marketing, it would be a good practice to host a live meeting. However, at present, the LinkedIn website has not made the live meeting feature available to all accounts. But one can choose to apply for an early access pass.

3. Turn employees into influencers

One can choose to carry out a social media login campaign to advertise the product. However, this form of advertising requires one major component: Influencers. In this case, the employees will have to undertake this role as it will help to increase the credibility of the product or service. This method has proved highly successful, with a 45% increase in sales when an employee uses their social media profiles to talk about their employer's product.

4. Encourage employees to engage in LinkedIn posts

LinkedIn, like all other platforms, uses algorithms to arrange user's LinkedIn feeds. The algorithm largely depends on the engagement time that a post receives. Therefore, one should aim to create a LinkedIn post that garners copious amounts of engagement in the first hour so that the algorithm favours it.

5. Leverage LinkedIn ads

According to research, the LinkedIn algorithm does not promote posts that contain external links that may lead to one's website. The posts that do not contain any links are 10 times more likely to pop up in a user's feed. Therefore, one can utilize LinkedIn advertisements to promote one's business and add a link to the website.

6. Video-based LinkedIn posts

Video marketing are great to talk about one's business and the goals associated with it. They are easy to follow and do not require one to read through lines and lines of content. This type of content can produce quick results and communicate more with the audience.

7. Short videos summarizing the new content

Short videos are all the rage at the moment. In fact, most video sharing platforms and social login platforms incorporate the short video format. The beauty of a short video is that the viewer will not mind devoting their attention to the content on the screen for just a few seconds. Therefore, one will be able to relay information easily and start building a large customer base.


8. Go live

Promotion involves interaction. Live sessions on social media are a great way to interact with other followers. It also plays a major role in B2B lead generation as people will come in contact with the business owner.

9. Questions

Questions are another effective method of interaction. The questions asked can be silly or even philosophical, depending on the target audience. Question posts are a go-to marketing strategy for LinkedIn marketers. One can try to ask more controversial questions but refrain from being offensive.

10. Comparison posts

These posts involve comparing two things. The comparison should ideally be relevant to one's business so that it indirectly promotes the business. However, one can choose to find a comparison between common things known to everyone. One can also use these posts to share the pros and cons of the subjects in question. Bonus points if the comparison is between two very similar things.

11. How-to posts

These kinds of posts are not promotional but will be informative. Viewers are more likely to read the post when it has something to offer them instead of an advertisement. How-to posts that are related to more common problems are a plus as more people will stop to read them.

12. A "Top 10" post

A top 10 post can be used to stay relevant within the industry and to showcase one's expertise in the field. For example, the top 10 books or movies and so on. One can also urge their followers to post their own top 10 list. This type of long-form content is palatable to an audience. In comparison to other posts as listicles are easier to read through.

13. Tell a story

Stories have a way with people as it keeps them interested even if the content in the blog post is long. In addition to this, one can share real-life stories from one's personal experiences. Stories that are inspirational or funny will gain a lot more traction.

14. Communication excerpts

This post would entail sharing a conversation that one had. This conversation can be witty or inspirational. One can also answer why they posted this conversation and what they learned from it. This kind of text post should not be too long and should progress quickly to avoid losing the audience.

15. Image-based LinkedIn posts

Images are a great way of communicating a certain concept or just expressing yourself. Human beings are visual creatures. The image can be inspiring, funny, or requires deciphering. Therefore, this type of creative post for LinkedIn can also be used to promote or advertise the business.

16. Simple infographics

Infographics involve a simple animation with an excerpt of information. This piece of content can be utilized to showcase the business or just spout random interesting facts. The use of infographics is prevalent among high-end companies as infographics can captivate followers quickly.

17. Memes

This is probably one of the more viral types of content on LinkedIn as well as other platforms. Memes bring a sense of casualness that will allow one to better interact with their audience. This interaction is more noticeable if the meme is relatable. Memes can also be used to mention the benefits of using the company's products or services to generate leads. Memes, especially wholesome ones, are capable of giving a less corporate feel to the brand and make it more human.

18. Animated GIFs

This type of content works on the same principle as memes. Animated GIFs are not only creative but also effective. One can also convert an animated GIF into a text post to receive a better recommendation from the LinkedIn algorithm. This is a great medium through which one can add a call-to-action to get a better response from the community.

19. Photographs of examples or real things

Photographs, especially artistically sound photographs, can be used to share personal details about one's life if one is comfortable with doing so. Pictures of nature or an image from one's childhood is a great B2B LinkedIn post idea as it arouses feelings of nostalgia. This nostalgia can be used to get the audience interacting by sharing their experiences.

20. Polls

Audiences love to share their opinion, especially if they are a passionate fanbase. Therefore, throwing in a random poll every once in a while is a great way to engage the audience and give them a chance to communicate with each other.

Content on LinkedIn makes all the difference to the promotion of a brand. It can make or break one's presence on LinkedIn. Therefore, it is essential to figure out the tone of LinkedIn posts, depending on the target demographic. Once the tone is chosen, implementing the rest of the marketing strategy is easy to do.


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