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Build Frictionless Registration with Social Login

Leverage the power of social login to convert visitors to customers with just one click.

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One Social API for over 40 Social Networks

Enjoy the benefits of social login and experience none of the hassle with our unified social API

LoginRadius’ Unified Social API

LoginRadius’ Unified Social API

LoginRadius has combined the APIs of over 40 social networks to create a unified social API fully equipped to handle the features of these providers.This frees developers from having to learn each network’s API, allowing us to do the heavy lifting.

Maintenance Free Solution

Social networks are always changing their API. LoginRadius keeps these APIs up to date , ensuring that our clients and their end-users are not affected.

Choose from 40+ Social ID Providers

LoginRadius’ social login supports over 40 of the most popular social ID providers on a global scale.

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A Wealth of First-Party Customer Data

LoginRadius gives you access to your customers’ social profile data, including verified email addresses, likes, interests, contacts, and much more. Data is gathered after the user consents to share it with you, from there the information is normalized into a universal format. Click Here for a list of social profile data points that can be gathered only by using the LoginRadius platform.

Fully Customizable Social Login and Registration

Fully Customizable, Your Social Login, Your Design

Fully customize the look and feel of the social login interface to match your applications. You can choose your desired social ID providers, button style, and manage the user experience from top to bottom.

LoginRadius offers a dashboard-managed solution for social login, data gathering, and social permissions.

Easy to Manage Dashboard

LoginRadius offers a dashboard-managed solution for social login, data gathering, and social permissions. From the dashboard, you can set configurations and make powerful changes including:

  • Easily add and remove a social ID provider
  • Configure social ID options
  • Decide what social data to gather from which social network
  • Enable profile access and permissions
  • And much more

Extend Access Token Expiration

Set the access token expiration for each social ID provider, aligning with your company’s security policies.

Native Mobile Support & Responsive Apps

LoginRadius’ social login also works seamlessly with mobile platforms and integrates natively. LoginRadius detects a user's Facebook mobile app and quickly authenticates without requiring the user to enter their social credentials.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

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