Social Sharing Converts Your Users into Brand Ambassadors

Social Sharing

Word-of-mouth recommendations take place on social networks, so if you aren’t encouraging users to talk about you and share your content through social sharing, you’re missing out on one of today’s key marketing strategies.

Results show more than 50% of users who click through to a link shared by a friend on Facebook go on to make purchases.

With more than 22 billion shares viewed daily on Facebook alone, you can’t afford to ignore the power of social media share buttons.

Build relationships with your users now and start recruiting your army of brand ambassadors through social share.

Permission Bases Social Sharing

Permission-Based Social Sharing

Obtain consent from your users to post status updates and links directly onto their social profiles. You should offer incentives, such as promotional discounts, to encourage users to grant consent and share your content.

Social Sharing Widgets

Social Sharing Widgets

Place a social sharing plugin or widget on your web or mobile pages to allow users to easily share your articles, products and other content. LoginRadius brings the power of 90 social sharing networks, so users can share on the platforms of their choice.

We also help you track exactly what impact these shares have on your business, giving you a complete social sharing analytics picture of how viral your content is. To showcase your social engagement levels, you can also add social counter widgets such as Facebook’s Like, Google Plus’ +1, Twitter’s Tweet, LinkedIn’s Share etc.. Social sharing analytics give you a true understanding of your contents reach.

Choose Sharing Networks, Customize Interfaces

You can customize your social media share buttons interface by selecting the social networks you want to display and choosing your desired icon themes. We offer pre-designed interfaces, icon sets and social sharing themes.

Place Sharing Widgets Exactly Where You Want

The sharing widget can be integrated several times on a single web page, giving you complete control over where you want to add them. CMS website owners can install LoginRadius add-ons that automatically integrate sharing widgets with your pages.


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