What is Social Sharing?

Placing Social Sharing widgets on your web or mobile pages, allows your customers to easily share your articles, products, and other content with their social networks.

This helps to transform your customers into true brand ambassadors as they voluntarily drive referral traffic to your website.

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How social sharing works

How does it work?

Social Sharing provides your customers with a direct path of communication via more than 50 popular sharing networks.

  1. A customer reads one of your company blog posts, enjoys it, and clicks the ‘share with Twitter’ widget you have placed on the page.
  2. A popup appears, allowing your customer to write a custom tweet, or leave the pre-made message that your marketing team has previously created.
  3. They click the ‘tweet’ button and the content is instantly shared with all of their twitter followers.


Can I customize it?

Yes. Widget design, appearance, placement, and orientation can be fully customized to match your company’s brand and attract the attention of your customers. Messaging, design, and theme within the sharing popup interface can also be tailored to your company’s brand.

How social login works

Who does it benefit?

Your Customer

Improved user experience as your customers are easily able to share content of interest to them and interact with brands that they trust.

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Your Brand

Extended brand reach, improved customer relationships, and strengthened loyalty through true customer engagement.

Your Marketing Team

Free word-of-mouth endorsements and content tracking gives insight into the marketing efforts that resonate most with your target audience.

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