Profile Management

Use the LoginRadius Dashboard to get to Know Your Users

No matter how large your user base gets, you can access each user record right from your dashboard to perform individual profile management actions.

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Find any User, No Matter How Big Your User Base Gets

Instantly search your customer base for any user

Administer Customer Profiles With Just One Click

View customer profiles, edit them, change usernames and email addresses all with just one click from your dashboard.

Manage Individual User Roles

Easily edit individual user roles in your database right from the dashboard without having to run queries or deal with complicated coding rules..

Control User Access

Empower your customer support team to directly manage user profiles.


Block or Unblock Users

As an administrator, you can block or unblock a registered user from the Dashboard


Resend Verification Mail

Your support team can resend verification emails as per user request.


Delete or Restore Users

You can permanently delete a user from your system and all of the profile data will be removed as well.


Link or Unlink Profiles

You can also link or unlink users’ social profiles from the LoginRadius Dashboard.


Reset Password

You can trigger password reset emails from the LoginRadius Dashboard and send a link upon a user’s request.


Change Password

From the LoginRadius Dashboard, you can change a user’s password to provide immediate support.


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