Progressive Profiling

Progressive Profile Building

With progressive profile building, you can continually build richer customer profiles as you earn their trust.

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Works Seamlessly with Registration Services

Progressively profile your customers regardless of whether they log in using the standard login, social login or phone registration. The User Profiling module works alongside our Registration Service and can be activated irrespective of the mode of authentication your customers use to log in. At the same time, it works equally effectively on both web and mobile applications.

Create Your Own Profile Building Workflows

Choose which data you want to gather at what stage. You can create custom workflows, allowing your customers to share more information as they continue to interact with your brand. Set your own rules suiting your business requirements and win your customers’ trust.

Link Social Accounts

Understand your customers based on their full social presence across the internet. Link multiple social profiles associated with one customer to acquire more social data. Build richer customer profiles by filling in the gaps with different types of data from various social profiles to gain a deeper understanding of the customers.


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