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Engineering As Marketing: 5 Growth Hack Strategies For Modern Businesses

Engineering as Marketing is about utilising engineering time to build helpful tools such as calculators, checkers or checklists, widgets, and even micro-sites that introduce your business to potential customers.

Engineering as marketing is an especially under-used medium, and when implemented correctly, it has proven to be very useful. It's under-used because it's very costly and can not suit traditional marketing or development plans. Imagine two weeks of iterations or tests where the critical route is to create a small project. It just doesn't work, either in terms of time or budget.

Engineering as Marketing is about using your engineering time (or that of your team) to create useful resources such as calculators, checkers or checklists, widgets, and even micro-sites that bring potential customers in need of your company.

In the long-term, producing tools that your target audience finds useful will do wonders for your business. Ideally, organizations should expand exponentially to make this tool free for their users.

Here are some reasons why a business will produce high growth with free tools:

  • Engineering, like marketing, is close to content marketing in the sense that you are creating assets. Free instruments can virally expand. And as the years go by, free resources will stay important to your users.
  • And if your customers have the money to purchase software, a lucrative choice is still open.
  • You have to build trust. It would be best if you showed your clients that you not only appreciate their concerns but are also willing to provide them with tangible value.

Five Engineering as Marketing Strategies

There are obstacles when it comes to engineering commercialization. It takes effort to develop and sustain an effective marketing plan for an engineering company, from selecting the correct tactics to writing the best sales copy.

Digital marketing is a vital part of how an engineering company can be sold. This is how most individuals now find information: for almost all, including businesses to work with, they turn to the Internet. So you could struggle to attract potential leads if your engineering company is not well-represented or easy to find online. Not just that, you're going to lose them to your rivals.

Create a more robust marketing approach with these five engineering marketing strategies for your engineering company:

1. Create High-Quality Content

The quality content, which can include anything from blog posts and videos to marketing guides and ebooks, is loved by search engines and social website users.

You will hit the most eligible prospects as they are already looking online by producing and publishing useful material. And after finding helpful content posted by your business, people will be more likely to want to find more information about your engineering company.

2. Utilize Social Evidence

One of the most relevant and frequently ignored tips is to use data from close to your future customers but have started using your device and are super excited about it. People prefer to trust what other individuals have already learned and checked and have something useful to share. Only add a couple of constructive reviews and comments on the website, and your conversion rates will see a boost.

Many B2B companies wonder why social media accounts should be started. Social media provides a perfect way to connect with current and future clients, regardless of the industry or business model.

3. Leveraging SEO

One of the easiest ways to boost your engineering company's online exposure is search engine optimization or SEO. It should be one of your top priorities when designing your overall marketing plan.

SEO requires making improvements to specific items on your website to increase the probability that the phrases you are targeting will rank well. These improvements may include adding keywords to your page names, updating and adding copies to your site, quicker loading of your pages, enhancing the layout of your site, and so on.

4. Launch an Email Newsletter

Email newsletters are a perfect way to communicate with prospective customers, keep in contact with current customers, and improve your link with both groups. While past email marketing tactics may have included making hard sales pitches, and you may think of e-commerce emails as being about sales specials or discounts, it is all about adding value to engineering email marketing.

5. The Power of Online Reviews

An increasingly significant feature of marketing engineering services is online feedback. Reviews are the modern-day word of mouth counterpart, and a successful review will help the company attract new customers. On the opposite, your chances of attracting fresh customers can be hurt by not getting feedback.

You should track your company's online feedback and respond to the questions people have about them. Try to take the feedback constructively and focus on improving any missed areas of your service.


You can incorporate a range of Internet marketing approaches with a little practice and some experimentation into a detailed strategy that increases your company's exposure and credibility, attracting more leads and inspiring more potential customers to select your company for their engineering needs.

If it blends into the overall story with goal and vision, the use of resources that might already be available in the organization is promising. Marketing as Engineering is at the top of the funnel region in the marketing funnel.

If you build the lead magnets so that they deliver a quick win and do not give too many possibilities to the consumer, you lay the foundation stone for throwing out a net in which you can attract the long-term attention of prospective customers to yourself.


Deepak Gupta

Written by Deepak Gupta

Deepak is the CTO and co-founder of LoginRadius, a rapidly-expanding Customer Identity Management provider. He's dedicated to innovating the LoginRadius platform. He loves foosball and winning poker games!

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