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Social Media Video Marketing: What Is In Store For Future Marketers

Video marketing is one of the digital decoration touches any business can have today. The future of digital videos has seen a tremendous rise; owing to the emergence of social media channels. Nowadays, every company is investing in video marketing, and more and more of those are being loaded up on various platforms.

Today social media video marketing is one of the must-have strategies in all businesses' advertising toolbox. Research shows that 76% of marketers believe that social media videos produce more conversions than any other marketing technique.

According to statistics, 63% of companies today are using video marketing, and 89% of businesses believe that videos boost ROI. Therefore, it is clear that video is performing exceptionally well on social media.

So, where is it headed in the years to come?

Expert Prediction of the Future

With current social media video trends and research, marketing experts believe that Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram will be the best platforms for social media videos in the future. Plus, they think that brands who will gravitate towards these platforms will be most successful in the future.

Fortunately, companies already know the reasons why using social media videos is vital to their business. However, if you are confused if social media videos are among the best ways to promote your business? The answer is yes!

Videos are one of the most profitable digital marketing tools. 91% of marketers believe video is crucial for business growth even during the coronavirus pandemic. Yet, if you are still not convinced, here are the reasons why marketers will love to use social media video marketing in 2021 and even in the years to come.


Reasons Why the Future of Social Media Video Marketing is Bright

Marketers are expected to invest in social media video marketing soon since numerous reasons contribute to them.

1. For conversions and sales

Today 61% of consumers look forward to watching video content while selecting a brand. Thus, videos are an effective way of engaging consumers and convey information better than static imagery.

With strategic videos becoming a part of the consumer experience, more people are likely to shop online. Thus, it becomes critical for brands to create videos for social media and promote their products strategically. With 55% of people expected to rely on a brand's video content when making a purchase decision, the importance of videos is only going to increase.

2. To boost ROI with social videos

Did you know that to produce promotional videos, 38% of marketers use smartphone apps? Yes! Online video editing tools are improving every day and are affordable as well. Therefore, to get the consumers more interested and excited, companies are using creative Facebook videos, Product tutorials, explainer videos to promote their product or services.

According to reports, 14% of marketers make videos every day to engage audiences. Plus, 36% of the businesses make videos a few times a week. The reason is simple. With more and more consumers relying on videos for making purchasing decisions, producing quality videos is critical for businesses. book-a-demo-Consultation

3. To build trust

According to statistics, 52% of businesses today say that video helps them build trust with their potential consumers. Most people are skeptical about buying products on the internet because they don't want to get cheated. Video is the most effective way of telling a brands' story and building trust on social media. Well, that's why 24% of video marketers plan to use interactive video in their video marketing plan 2021 and ahead.

Most marketers are using the power of video to build emotional connections with their followers with Facebook Live videos. A recent report shows that 89% of video marketers plan to incorporate YouTube in their video marketing strategy. Plus, 65% of them also plan to include Instagram in their marketing strategy. Therefore, it becomes crystal clear how video marketing on these three platforms will increase with time.

4. Rise of video-based social media platforms

Haven't you heard about Twitch yet? If not, you will be surprised to know that this video game streaming platform has grown to 1.4 million viewers from 102K viewers in just eight years.

Even though Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the giants in social media videos, platforms like Tiktok, WeChat, and WhatsApp also have millions of users and this is a good place where businesses can make a social media viral video.

Twitter has also started using video with its newest feature, Fleets. With this feature, users can post videos to their timelines and promote their business creatively. Below is an example.


Image Source: Twitter

5. Rise of mobile video users

Smartphone users are increasing day by day, and today 90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. Besides, a survey shows that while in 2018, users watched online videos for an average of 1.5 hours per day, today, it's over 2.5 hours per day.

So, it is not surprising when YouTube reports mobile video consumption rising every year. Besides, With the popularity of Video content skyrocketing, statistics reveal that 96% of consumers say that the amount of video content they've watched online during the pandemic has increased. Now, with mobile video means, brands are creating smartphone-optimized videos to entice audiences.


Video marketing statistics show that thoughtfully created social media videos are a perfect combination of simplicity and amusement that is bound to grab consumers' attention. Therefore, marketing is going to be incomplete without videos and their promotion on social media.

Today, many brands are posting consumer testimonial videos on their website and hosting Q&A sessions to boost their social content marketing with a dash of digital decoration. Therefore, it will be wiser to start creating videos that matter to you and your audiences and be a part of the golden future of social media video marketing.


Deependra Singh

Written by Deependra Singh

Deependra Singh - over 10+ years experience as a digital marketer and currently working and specializes in Search Engine Optimization for LoginRadius. Additionally, he has experience in digital marketing strategy, SEO techniques, strategic planning, lead generation program, execution, and promotions.

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