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Sharing My Journey With LoginRadius: A Look Inside the Best Employee Perks

Working at LoginRadius is more than just a job. The organization is an excellent combination of professionalism and fun, where an employee’s association is highly valued, recognized, and respected in every step of their journey.

This is Hitesh Kumawat. I am a BTech-backed Product Designer with a knack for finding elegant solutions to complex UI problems and creating intuitive experiences through front-end development.

LoginRadius has been an integral part of my personal and professional growth, especially in the last four years of my employment here. The organization is an excellent combination of professionalism and fun.

Working at LoginRadius, I’m Exposed to an Amazing Work Culture.

A great work culture can be key to the success of a company. Not only does it promote productivity, but it makes everyday tasks easier.

LoginRadius understands that a positive, healthy work culture is a top priority for employees.

Naturally, every employee is encouraged to be a part of a community of driven and ambitious individuals. This is what makes LoginRadius a place where I can be myself. It’s great to work for a company that makes people feel valued.

Speaking of my manager, he is a leader who leads by example with a warm, “good ol’ country boy' charm. He is equally as passionate as he is compassionate. He believes in creating a positive work environment that fosters professional growth and a refined skill set from his team members.

LoginRadius Supported My Mental and Economic Well-Being During COVID-19.

It makes me feel good that I am working for an organization that is willing to fight for its employees during hard times. COVID-19 was extraordinarily exhausting for most people and LoginRadius left no stones unturned to look after our mental and economic health during the deadly first and second waves. It organized vitality sessions with medical professionals to provide counseling and education so we could take care of ourselves and our family amid this troublesome period.

Even in today's global financial uncertainty and the state of the job market, LoginRadius is one of the rare companies that has always valued its employees. While most companies are cutting costs and laying off employees, LoginRadius ensured job retention by keeping our paychecks steady.

LoginRadius Recently Introduced A Revised 11-Month Appraisal Program.

The time period between appraisals is important to employees; it allows them to benchmark their progress and plan long-term goals. By introducing an 11-month appraisal program, LoginRadius has demonstrated that the company truly cares about its employees.

I am one of the first employees to receive this revised appraisal benefit, and I am utterly satisfied. It feels great and boosts motivation and performance.

Also, the additional percentage reward for the number of years spent at LoginRadius is the icing on the cake.

Yes, our association is highly valued, recognized, and respected in every step of our journey at LoginRadius.

A Bunch of Other Perks

From yoga and happy hours to on-campus meals and lunch reimbursements, LoginRadius values our health and happiness as much as it does our professional development.


Working at LoginRadius means we’re always on top of our game. With team-oriented activities like regular Zumba and yoga classes, we stay together as a cohesive unit. Moreso, these perks support our overall health and wellbeing as an employee.

LoginRadius has a team named ‘Events Squad,’ which organizes employee engagement and random targeted team-building activities to keep the fun going. They also come up with friendly ways to get new hires to get along and enjoy their new jobs.

One of the best things about a LoginRadius retreat is that team-building games bring together employees from different teams, so they get a chance to meet people from other departments and spend some really fun time with them. It helps to strengthen our relationships and increase productivity at work after the retreat.

LoginRadius also provides free access to its online/offline library so employees can learn something new every day and expand their skills.

LoginRadius is in a league of its own. It’s a company that isn’t afraid to think outside the box. A few other initiatives include:

  • Monthly team lunches (off-premises)
  • Monthly office lunches (on-premises)
  • Quarterly team outings
  • Birthday party celebrations
  • Virtual get-togethers
  • Awards and recognition for notable achievements
  • Gift distributions
  • Festival celebrations (Makar Sankranti, Holi, Halloween, Diwali, Christmas, etc.)
  • CSR activities

Wrapping Up

Every employee wants their employer to provide growth, a friendly environment, and a responsive/punctual salary.

And this is what LoginRadius should be termed for.


I have learned so much in my four years at LoginRadius, and I have grown 200%. LoginRadius is very interested and responsive when you want to learn new technologies, work with other teams, or undertake new projects.


LoginRadius has created a friendly environment from day one. You can work wherever is most convenient for you and there are no cubicles. Everyone works together in one open space, which creates an atmosphere of collaboration. And the best part is that the managers work right alongside the rest of us.

Punctual salary

I have been with the company for over four years now, and I have not faced any problems regarding salary. It is always credited at the end of every month.

Working with LoginRadius has been flexible, energizing, and filled with people who not only care about each other but are actually invested in your success.

Once You're a Part of LoginRadius, the Company Will Be a Part of You Forever!!


Hitesh Kumawat

Written by Hitesh Kumawat

I care deeply about creating world-class, useful, and beautiful products and web that help people and make a difference. I can be as involved in your project as you need me to be; from the seed of the idea, to design, creative direction, system design, and even the front-end and WordPress build.

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