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11 Slack App Integrations to Boost Productivity at Your Workplace

Take productivity to a new level with Slack integrations. Check out the best Slack app integrations available for you.

No company’s complexity and work culture have ever stopped Slack from being their numero uno tool for team communication. From NASA to Pinterest, people from every niche love Slack. And I think Slack has got that moves so that 4 million active users can enjoy it daily. So, what makes Slack so adorable? Is its all-time favorite list of bots which boost your productivity or its variety of app integrations which cover all segments of your business? Either way, we love Slack App integrations, and it has proved that it isn't just any other communication tool.

Why App Integrations are important?

Slack is well known for its chatting environment. You can create various channels for your teams belonging to different departments as it was discussed in the previous article. Though channels help to carry out your daily communication with so perfection, Slack needs to read different app notifications to keep you updated about your business. Hence, Slack has appreciably solved the problem with its extensive list of apps which can be integrated with your Slack. So, here is a list of few apps for your workplace with its “how to do” steps which will increase your productivity and create a good work-life balance.

List of App Integrations which can boost productivity


Asana logo

As one of the best tools to manage projects in many organizations, Asana is widely used. So, if your organization is one of them, you can highly benefit in terms of productivity with this app integration.

Follow the steps:-



As one of the best online platforms for email marketing, Mailchimp-Slack integration can help you to get updates about the number of subscriptions and you can check a campaign’ sent status. The process includes authentication from your Mailchimp account. Afterwards, you can also select which lists to monitor through Slack.

In a nutshell, you can check the following events:-

  • Subscribes
  • Unsubscribes
  • Campaign’s sent status



With Github-Slack integration, you can have access to the repository of source codes for your Git projects. This integration provides you with the privilege to cooperate, analyze, and practice codes for your private projects.

You can get the following updates on your Slack channel:-

  • Issues
  • Pull requests
  • Commits
  • Deployment statuses

Process to connect your Slack with Github, you should follow these steps:-

  • Search for Github in Slack’s Application directory.
  • Install it by clicking on “Install” button.
  • Choose a Slack channel for your Github posts.
  • Click on “Add Github Integration”.
  • Click on “Authenticate your Github Account”
  • Select the archives for which you need Slack notifications
  • Select the Github’s events which you need to see on your Slack channel.
  • Click Save Integration when done.



Hubot is a popular chatbot which can be used for anything in your team. For example, you can have a poll of what your team is going to have for lunch or you can look for people who want to have a coffee. Well, this bot is fun and this is how you can integrate it with Slack.

Google Hangouts


Integrating Google Hangouts with Slack will help you to communicate with your team via voice calls and video conferencing. So, you can boost your communication in a certain channel and accelerate conversations through Hangout. People across different niche such as marketers, developers, and other professionals can benefit from Google Hangouts-Slack integration.

Google Drive

Google Drive

Google drive is used to create, save and corporate documents online. Many people can work simultaneously on a document in Google drive.

Well, it is one of the most popular integrations in Slack. You just simply need to drag and drop your file’s URL in the respective message box of your Slack channel. Thus, the file gets shared with everyone in your team. Combining a centralized communication tool like Slack with Google Drive will boost productivity.



Intercom is a great tool to interact with the users of your software. You can send in-app messages and targeted emails to your users through your app during special occurrences.

Integrating Slack to Intercom will allow you to receive following notifications on your dedicated channel:-

  • Creation of new companies or users
  • When the conversation has begun.
  • Addition of notes in conversations
  • User or team member responds to communication



WordPress, which is another highly customizable tool which creates and manages your blog or website.

Integrating WordPress with Slack will send you notifications about blog posts during their publication or review. Moreover, when someone comments on your blog post, you will be notified through Slack.



Stripe is an app for accepting payments online. You will be able to get updates about transfers, subscriptions, invoice payments, charges etc. through integrating Stripe with Slack.



Jira is a powerful project management tool which can help to keep track of issues related to a project, assign tasks, and check team’s activity.

You can receive notifications about your new and existing JIRA issues on Slack. You can organize the support provided to those issues according to its priority.



Zendesk, which is another tool to support tickets against issues can be integrated to Slack to get notifications about your tickets. The following events are notified on Slack:- 1. Open 2. Pending 3. Solved  4. Closed

Hence, these are few useful apps from legion of apps from the Slack repository. Slack has been continually adding apps to its league which can improve your team’s productivity and add more artistry to your workplace. So, does your workplace use such Slack integrations to boost productivity? Please share your insights about Slack integrations in the comments below.

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