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LoginRadius Announces Its Business Continuity Plan to Fight COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 is a global epidemic which demands action that is decisive and robust.

COVID-19 is a global epidemic that demands decisive and robust action.

Following the announcement by the World Health Organization (WHO) to address the coronavirus (COVID-19) threat as a pandemic, organizations across the globe are looking to their Business Continuity Management (BCM) plan to make sure they are covered.

For LoginRadius, as a SaaS-based customer identity platform,  planning ahead to counter any disruption has always been an essential aspect of its resilience program. 

Consequently, we have put our contingency plan to action to fight the current and future risks to our business, and our customers' businesses, due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

Mitigating Risk by LoginRadius

As the developing situation changes with respect to world health outlook, we have outlined three key areas to ensure our readiness towards workplace mitigation. They include:

  • Employee health and safety
  • Service operations
  • Business operations

Thereafter, we are prepared to react accordingly to ensure business continuity. Here’s what our plan looks like:

Employee Health and Safety

We are mindful of our employees and are up to date on the officially mandated actions related to hygiene and safety at our workstations. Likewise, we have rolled out the following policies:

  • Hand-washing policy and education:  We have trained our staff on proper, effective hygiene practices for reducing the risk of contracting or spreading the virus. 
  • Travel restrictions, guidelines, and recommendations - We have limited all non-essential business travel and travel to designated high-risk regions. 
  • Remote Workforce - Phase 1: We have allowed optional, voluntary work from home. This measure is already in place. All staff in all locations have the autonomy and flexibility to work remotely to help mitigate the risk of exposure from public transit and closed communal spaces.
  • Remote Workforce - Phase 2: We will impose mandatory work from home. If mandated by the government or regulatory bodies, or implemented by LoginRadius management, we are prepared for mandatory full-time remote work. We have already tested this measure and are to enact it as needed.
  • We have installed multiple hand sanitizers within the office premises. 
  • We ensure frequent cleaning and sanitization of our workplaces. 
  • We have increased space between employees' workstations.

Service Operations

As an automated, fully cloud-based software solution redundantly hosted on industry-leading infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, the LoginRadius platform is inherently insulated from the business and commercial impacts of the virus. 

This includes impacts from regional staffing and manpower shortages or disruptions in global supply chains.

We have been working for several weeks with impromptu and scheduled drills to help ensure that operations run without disruption in the eventuality of an outbreak or other critical event which may impact our organization.

Business Operations

Similarly, we have rolled out remote working policies for all LoginRadius team members. Employees can work offsite as they would on-premises, guaranteeing no disruption to business operations, including our customer-facing sales, customer success, support, and account management teams.


We place the highest value on the partnerships that we've established with our customers and stakeholders. Rest assured, we are committed to ensuring uninterrupted success, even in times of hardship and challenges.

In the end, we wish our customers health, security, and good fortune.

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