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From Sign-Up to Purchase – How LoginRadius Offers a Frictionless Consumer Journey

Enterprises, today, must be aware of the fact that the secret to success lies in quickly identifying and eliminating any pain point that occurs when consumers interact with their brand. Here’s an insightful read depicting how LoginRadius helps enterprises navigate their business success through a frictionless consumer journey.

Creating a frictionless consumer experience should be the top priority of every business striving for success in the digital world.

A survey by Accenture Interactive found that 48% of consumers have switched from one website to another just because the former lacked personalization—and, the trend is swiftly increasing.

But how online service providers ensure they have maximum sign-ups and eventually have more conversions? Or in other words, what’s the biggest secret to winning consumer trust right from the moment a user first visits the website?

Today, enterprises must be aware that the secret to success lies in quickly identifying and eliminating any troubles and pain points that occur when consumers interact with their organization (whether through website or application).

Don’t worry, you need not do everything yourself!

A user identity management solution like LoginRadius does everything, literally everything for you.

Let’s learn how LoginRadius CIAM (consumer identity and access management) solution offers a frictionless consumer journey right from the beginning and ensures maximum conversions.

Every Consumer Interaction is a Delightful Interaction with LoginRadius

Businesses need to pay close attention to consumer experience, the total of digital and in-person interactions that a user has with a brand.

At baseline, a good consumer experience needs to work to deliver products and services with minimal fuss.

And if a company wants to pull out and stay ahead of the curve, that experience needs to be remarkable. Integrated. Personal. Delightful.

LoginRadius guarantees the same!

Since users already know what defines a delightful experience as they are already interacting with brands like Amazon, Google, Apple, and Microsoft, businesses must ensure they’re trying to achieve a similar grade. Failing which, users will quickly switch brands.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  • Designing the Ideal Consumer Journey

From the first step of user onboarding to the thousandth login, create a process that is welcoming and intelligent to foster great consumer relationships.

  • Localization-To Build Trust

LoginRadius supports every human language, so all of your forms, email messages, and texts can be customized for your worldwide market.

  • Tailor-Make your Interfaces

Choose the fields and design your registration, login, and forgot password forms. Everything can be white-labeled, so consumers won’t know you’re using LoginRadius.

  • An Email Workflow that Actually Works

Whenever you need to get into your consumer’s inbox to manage the login process, LoginRadius provides customizable templates and sequences so you’re always on-brand.

  • Deliver a High-Performance Experience

Never turn a consumer away because your login service is down. LoginRadius has unmatched uptime, and we can handle 150K logins per second—that’s “20x More than Our Competitors”.

  • Unify The Login Process With Single Sign-On.

Easily connect your websites, mobile apps, and third-party services so that consumers can interact with you everywhere using a single identity.

  • Effective Consumer Experience that Drives Growth

Since users remember negative experiences more than positive ones, businesses must ensure they deliver the finest user experience.

If your brand can identify the key problem areas that users face and are able to deliver a rich consumer-centric experience, you’re automatically ahead of your competitors.

LoginRadius understands the importance of a rich consumer experience throughout the onboarding journey of a user that later converts into a buyer.

Here’s what businesses can achieve by getting LoginRadius user onboarding system

in place:

  • Increase Conversion

Turn visitors into registered users with a frictionless experience. When it’s easier to create an account with your business, more people will do it.

  • Boost Consumer Retention

Ensure users come back with a delightful experience with LoginRadius. When your digital and offline services are useful and smoothly integrated, people have no reason to look elsewhere.

  • Increase Upselling and Cross-Selling

Bring in more revenue with a personalized experience. When you know people’s preferences, you can offer what they want, when they want it, the way they want it.

The Next Level of Robust Security

A flawless user experience coupled with a personalized consumer journey isn’t just the benefits of getting LoginRadius in place, you also get the robust line of defense.

Yes, LoginRadius CIAM offers industry-standard security that ensures your consumer information and your business-sensitive information is stored and managed securely.

With security features that industry giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft rely on upon, LoginRadius ensures the highest level of secure authentication and authorization.

Understand Customer Behaviour Over Time

Leverage the power of data with over 30 charts within customizable date ranges with LoginRadius.

The smart CIAM lets you expand your understanding of customer activity over different periods of your sales or season cycles.

What’s more remarkable is that you can export data visualization elements like graphs and pie charts to Microsoft Excel with the click of a button.

Customer analytics has never been more accessible with the LoginRadius Admin Console.

Download Digital Identity Trend Report 2020 for detailed information regarding opportunities and risks within the identity environment through our comprehensive customer behavior analysis.

Final Thoughts

Businesses today need to focus on enhancing consumer experience right from the beginning when a consumer lands on the website or application.

Enhancing the consumers’ preferred ways of interacting with your brand is undeniably the key to business success contributing to more conversions.

LoginRadius understands the importance of consumer onboarding and has designed a robust CIAM that helps brands swiftly increase sign-ups and eventually enhance conversions.

Ready to leverage the next level of CIAM solution? Or have any doubts? Schedule a Quick Personalized Call and understand how LoginRadius can be a game-changer for your business success.


Vishal Sharma

Written by Vishal Sharma

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