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Why You Should Customize Your Marketing Programs Based on Consumer Journey

Personalized consumer experience is becoming the need of the hour. Let’s understand how a personalized consumer journey can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and how a CIAM solution like LoginRadius offers valuable insights for creating personalized user experiences.

User experience is the key to business success in today’s digital era, where consumers are always on a hunt for rich experiences every time they interact with a brand.

However, creating a good user experience isn’t the need of the hour; instead, creating a personalized consumer journey is what businesses need the most.

A survey by Accenture Interactive found that 48% of consumers have switched from one service provider to another just because the former lacked personalization—and the trend is swiftly increasing.

This means that businesses that aren’t leveraging personalization for their consumers would surely stand behind their competitors.

However, businesses need data as their primary fuel for creating customized consumer journeys. This data can only be extracted through a cutting-edge consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution.

Yes, a new-age CIAM solution like LoginRadius helps businesses get valuable insights regarding consumer behavior that helps channel your resources to the right audience with relevant, targeted marketing communication campaigns.

Let’s understand how a personalized consumer journey can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and how a CIAM solution like LoginRadius offers valuable insights for creating personalized user experiences.

Why Personalized Consumer Journey Matters?

Every consumer that lands on a website or downloads a mobile app has to go through a sign-up process, which decides whether a company is getting a loyal consumer or just another random user.

Hence, it’s crucial for businesses to leverage user data's true potential to deliver the experience that users demand.

Whether it’s personalized suggestions based on previous search history or recommendations of products based on their interests, brands can build credibility and further enhance user engagement for more conversions.

But why is it so important to provide instant recommendations or personalized experiences to users when they interact for the first time with a brand?

Well, consumers are already interacting with established brands, including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Google; they know what personalized rich consumer experiences mean. Hence they expect something near to it.

As a vendor, if you have the data regarding the buyer’s behavior, you can pitch exactly the same product or service for which they have landed.


How LoginRadius Helps Build Personalized Consumer Journeys?

Businesses need to pay close attention to consumer experience, the total of digital and in-person interactions that a user has with a brand.

At baseline, a good consumer experience needs to work to deliver products and services with minimal fuss.

And if a business wants to pull out and stay ahead of the curve, that experience needs to be remarkable, personal, and delightful.

With a smart CIAM like LoginRadius, businesses can collect user data over time that can be used to create marketing strategies as enterprises understand whom they should target. Moreover, you can successfully target your customer base with data collected and organized in the Admin Console. The LoginRadius Identity Platform makes complex customer analytics easy to understand via detailed graphs and customer insights.

Also, enterprises can export data visualization elements, including graphs and pie charts, to Microsoft Excel by just clicking a button. Customer analytics has never been much easier with LoginRadius Admin Console as it also supports effortless integration with renowned insights and analytics applications for enhanced data visualization.

Understand Customer Behaviour Over Time

Leverage the power of data with over 30 charts within customizable date ranges with LoginRadius.

The smart CIAM lets you expand your understanding of customer activity over different periods of your sales or season cycles.

What’s more remarkable is that you can export data visualization elements to third-party applications for in-depth data analysis that further helps in creating winning strategies.

Customer analytics has never been more accessible with the LoginRadius Admin Console.

Download Digital Identity Trend Report for detailed information regarding opportunities and risks within the identity environment through our comprehensive customer behavior analysis.


Consumer data can help businesses craft personalized consumer journeys that not only ensure improved conversion rates but eventually help them get more returning customers.

With a consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution in place, enterprises can yield better results by creating rich, personalized user experiences that help engage potential clients and increase the chances of conversions.


Vishal Sharma

Written by Vishal Sharma

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