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Driving Revenue Using LoginRadius' Customer Segmentation Insights

Understanding your potential customers’ exact needs and offering the same is the key to business success. Let’s understand how LoginRadius CIAM helps businesses scale and stay ahead of their competition even in the most unpredictable times.


Today, every business is jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon to ensure it stands ahead of the curve. And data is undeniably the essential fuel that keeps businesses up and running in this technologically driven world.

However, not every business understands the importance of the customer or user data, and they’re still relying on basic information about their potential customers. As a result, they lag behind their competitors.

Yes, understanding your potential customers’ exact needs and offering the same is the key to business success.

Here’s where LoginRadius’ Customer Segmentation insights comes into play!

With a world-class CIAM (consumer identity and access management), businesses can leverage the true potential of customer data that helps drive business growth and enhance sales.

Let’s understand how LoginRadius CIAM helps businesses scale and stay ahead of their competition even in the most unpredictable times.

What is Customer Segmentation in LoginRadius? How Does it Transform Your Marketing?

LoginRadius customer segmentation allows you to segment your customers based on hundreds of variables such as demographics, engagement, and social to get an in-depth understanding of your market.

Businesses can go deeper with their segmentation analysis by applying multiple filters to their customer base.

Marketers can use the workflows to create segments of your customer base that can be fed into your marketing platforms. Furthermore, the database can be broken down by hundreds of segments to filter only the customers you need to analyze.

The LoginRadius segmentation feature displays the number of customers that meet your criteria and provides you filtered data instantly, so there’s no waiting around for significant exports.

For businesses in growth mode that wish to optimize their marketing strategies, customer segmentation and profiling are valuable tools that can streamline marketing efforts and optimize intelligent data so their business can scale.

A Deeper Insight About Who is Interacting with Your Brand

If your website or mobile application isn’t generating revenues, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have visitors!

The visitor to conversion ratio is something that brands should immediately work upon.

As per recent stats, 2.17 percent of global e-commerce website visits were converted into purchases. This means that roughly two visitors out of 100 would be converted on your platform.

So how could a business enhance conversions? Or what’s the best way to analyze visitors and monitor their behavior to figure out what needs to be done?

Well, here’s where a CIAM like LoginRadius comes into play.

With LoginRadius CIAM, you can successfully target your customer base with data collected and organized in the Admin Console. The LoginRadius Identity Platform makes complex customer analytics easy to understand via detailed graphs and customer insights.

Moreover, you can leverage the power of data with over 30 charts within customizable date ranges. Expand your understanding of customer activity over different periods of your sales or season cycles.

This helps you understand your visitors and eventually makes it easier to plan your marketing around aspects that promote conversions.

You can Book a Quick 30-Minutes Demo to know how LoginRadius would specifically empower your eCommerce business.

Save and Export Customer Segmented Data

LoginRadius allows you to create and save customer segments to view or change at any time using filters on the Admin Console. You can quickly gain insights through the most up-to-date user data analysis and insight.

Apart from this, marketers can eventually export the entire customer segments from the Admin Console with a single click or integrate with third-party applications to complete a connected digital ecosystem.

Hence, businesses can prepare better marketing campaigns to target potential customers and enhance conversions.

Rule-Based Segmentation

LoginRadius helps businesses understand their customers and improve their marketing return on investment (ROI) by defining distinct customer segments based on collected data.

Marketers and sales professionals can formulate better marketing plans and encourage product development suited to the needs and interests of their customer base. Be more granular with your data selection with new field filters like country, age, gender, city, and state.

Final Thoughts

Businesses can’t ignore the importance of user insights that can help them understand their target audience and craft winning marketing strategies/campaigns.

LoginRadius helps businesses transform the way they approach their marketing by taking the guesswork out of their efforts. One can quickly segment their customers and get specific about their population right from the LoginRadius Admin Console.


Manish Tiwari

Written by Manish Tiwari

Manish Tiwari is working as a Technical Support Manager at LoginRadius. He is a dynamic & versatile professional in IT service management, technical support, maintenance, and troubleshooting. He loves playing cricket, watching movies, and cooking in his free time.

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