Federation for Secure Identity Collaboration

Leverage identity data held by partners using Single Sign-on (SSO) protocols allowing your customers to gain access without authentication barriers.

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LoginRadius Federation

Accept tokens and identities issued by niche identity providers of your choice and allow your customers to authenticate on your website for seamless transactions. Identity providers can be your organizational partners who already issue and hold digital identities/token/ticket. With LoginRadius Federation, your business can leverage that identity and make authentication seamless for your common customers.

We Support All Popular SSO Protocols

No matter which data exchange protocol your organization uses, you can rest assured that LoginRadius will allow you to use that same format and version for all of your Single Sign-On and Federation requirements.

SAML v1.1

JSON Web Tokens

SAML v2.0


Customized Single Sign-On for Internal Applications

Allow your employees to get the most out of a unified identity. Use Single Sign-On with your internal applications.

Custom OAuth 2.0 API

All of the most popular social identity providers are already supported by LoginRadius right out of the box and available from our dashboard. You can also add any custom identity provider conforming to the OAuth 2.0 standards and include them with your digital properties.


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