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My City, MySurrey

A Smarter Portal Means Satisfied Citizens for City of Surrey

To accommodate for the rapid population growth, the City of Surrey needed to get creative to figure out how they could provide services to all citizens without compromising the quality of service. With approximately 1,500 new residents per month, the need for easily accessible municipal services is higher than ever. However, having just moved to a new city hall in recent years, expansion of the physical space and staff was out of the question. Therefore, the most effective way to provide easily accessible municipal services to an ever expanding population was to move all services online.

This would allow the City to serve the growing population without the need to spend additional resources for office and staff expansion. More importantly, this will allow Surrey residents to access city services at a time that best suits them as they will no longer be restricted to the city hall's office hours. As well, by moving services such as building permits and business licensing online, the City of Surrey will be able to provide citizens with transparency into the progress of their applications at all times.

One platform, one identity

The City of Surrey provides a multitude of services for their citizens, including property taxes, recreational services, business licensing, and permit applications, to name a few. While many of these are already digitized, it can be difficult for citizens to access these services because each one requires a separate online registration process and account, and where to gain access to these websites is not always clear.

To combat this hurdle, City of Surrey envisioned a single platform where all of the services are centralized. With this single platform, citizens only need to create one account and log into one platform where they will be able to gain access to all of the city's services.

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