Two-factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication for an Extra Layer of Security

Enable multi-factor authentication as mandatory or optional for your customers

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SMS-Based Two-Factor Authentication

Global Coverage

LoginRadius offers global SMS coverage ensuring you can serve your customers regardless of their location.

Call or SMS

The second factor can be conducted by an automated phone call or text message (SMS). The choice is yours.

Google and Microsoft Authentication

LoginRadius integrates with Google and Microsoft Authenticators to generate time-based security codes and enable two-factor authentication.

Social Two-Factor Authentication

Combine the ease of social login with the security of two-factor authentication to allow your customers to choose a social ID as the second method of authentication.

Custom Workflow

You can setup custom workflows for two-factor authentication necessary for your security environment and needs.

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

LoginRadius offers multi-factor authentication through SMS, automated phone calls, Social Login, security questions and authenticator apps, allowing you to customize the user experience.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

See It In Action

Our Product Experts will show you the power of the LoginRadius cIAM platform, discuss use-cases, and prove out ROI for your business.