Build Unified Customer Profiles

Identity and Data Silos are the biggest roadblocks to understand and serving your customers.

Solving Customer Data Silos Problem

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Identity and Data Silos are Blocking your Growth

Reduce Dependence on Engineering Teams

Removing data silos with LoginRadius allows your engineering teams to spend their time working on what matters most. Let us automate the rest.

Improve Marketing Efficiency

Find out how a seamless flow of customer data in the marketing stack combined with a Single Customer View automatically drives the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing efforts.

Identity is the Key to Data Unification

Identify Who the Data Belongs to

The first step to unifying data is to identify who the data belongs to. And that is only possible when you have deployed a single identity across all of your digital properties.

Assign that Identity to the Data

Once data has been identified, you assign the data to that ID and build a unified profile which is outcome of a unification of data.

Centralize Your Customer Data


Gather Social Data

With our Social Login offering, your customers use their social identities instead of creating a new profile, and we can gather first-party social data for you.


Collect Non-standard Data

You might have other means of gathering non-profile data such as purchase history, subscription info, support queries etc; assign this data to the customer identity.


Create a Centralized Profile

Regardless of the customer data source, LoginRadius centralizes this customer data in a unified profile for each customer, providing a single view.

A Single Customer View

Removing identity and data silos results in a single customer view - a perfect understanding of your customers at an individual level.

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