100% Uptime From Last 12 Months

We built LoginRadius to deliver the best user experience, guaranteeing 99.99% uptime on monthly basis.

How Do We Deliver the Best Uptime?

Modern Infrastructure

Uptime is not just a feature but the foundation of the LoginRadius platform. We are using the latest cloud technologies to deliver 100% uptime to our clients.

Our application is hosted on Microsoft Azure with twenty data centers worldwide. In the case of a service interruption with, we have an active-failover to Amazon Web Services. We use Dyn’s enterprise-level managed DNS service, which offers us a guaranteed 100% uptime of the DNS service.

Why 100% Uptime is Critical for Your Business

In today’s digitally connected world, your customers based in different timezones may be looking to engage with your business at various points throughout their days. If your login and account creation services happen to be unavailable, you are likely to lose these customers and any revenue they would have generated. Hence, having a system in place that is doing its job 100% of the time is vital for your business— anything less than 100% entails compromising your growth.

The Best SLA in the Industry

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

LoginRadius offers an enterprise-level SLA to guarantee technical support response time as well as the 99.99% uptime of our services on a monthly basis.

Get Credit Back

Though it has never occurred thus far in our company’s history, the SLA comes with a guaranteed credit back when LoginRadius fails to deliver 99.99% uptime on a monthly basis.

LoginRadius cIAM Platform

Built For Engineers, By Engineers

We’ve built a developer friendly platform with extensive API documentation, open-source SDKs, fully customizable interfaces, and best in class security features. Ready to give it a spin?