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Can Social Login Boost Conversion Rates? 5 Things Marketers Should Know

Using social login to drive sign-ups usually makes sense because it increases user privacy. If users like the site, they're more likely to return, and you're more likely to convert them into paying customers. This blog explains how social login can boost conversion rates.

The goal of any digital business is to boost its conversion rates and increase sales. However, with the plethora of authentication tools available, it is not easy to select one. Social login is one of the most common and preferred ways to achieve the target. It simplifies the login process for the user which directly results in boosted conversion rate.

What is Social Login?

Social login is an authentication process that uses social networks to authenticate a user on the website. It is designed for making user registration easier, faster, and more efficient. Social login can provide enterprises with new ways to deepen relationships with their customers, improve conversion rates, reduce abandonments, etc.

Social login is good for your business because it saves the trouble of registering every single time your customer wants to utilize your digital property.

5 Ways How Social Login Boosts Conversion Rates

Users look at social login as a simple and quick way to log in to a website. However, marketers must notice how successful organizations have been implementing it to maximize their sales conversion rates at every step of the customer journey.

The companies pull the user information to create a wholesome experience for the user. Thus, the notifications are more personalized and attractive to the users. Below are a few reasons as to what attracts the customers to social login:

  1. It quickens the process of signing up for the website: Implementation of social login makes the registration and login process fast. It can lower the time from around two minutes to around two seconds. As brand managers, you will notice the impact on your sign-up conversion rate for the website.
  2. It enables the usage of social media functionalities. Social login enables users to like, share, comment, subscribe, play online games, and much more without having to create an account or waste time by typing their login credentials over and over again.
  3. It doesn't force the users to create a new password: The process utilizes the information of social media accounts of the users. Thus, they have one less password to remember. It is something they might appreciate and hence visit the website more frequently.


  1. It results in fewer unsuccessful logins: The users only need to click on the social media account they want to log in with. Thus, they will not have the scope of making mistakes while entering their login credentials.

    The feature might prove to be the most helpful for smartphone users. The reason is that sometimes it might be uncomfortable to type in info while you are traveling or are outside. Thus, you minimize the chance of losing customers who have forgotten their password or choose not to log in as it would be inconvenient to type at the moment.

  2. You can expand your database and personalize your services: With the help of social login, you can get access to valuable data about the customer's preferences. Thus, you can personalize the content you share with them.

The easier and more convenient it is for a user to log in to a website, the higher your conversion chances. Thus, as a marketer, you should be aware of how to utilize social login to improve the conversion rates for your company. Once you get the email IDs of the users, you can use them to send prospective customers push and email notifications as well.

How to Drive 3X Engagement With Push and Email Notifications

The users who have enabled push notifications usually have approx three times the engagement rate than those who disabled the push notification. Thus, the push on mobile or email notifications plays a good role in engagement and re-engagement.

What is the role of push notifications in our lives? There are many benefits that make it so popular. It keeps you in the know of what’s happening on your social media, or the latest offers on your eCommerce application.

For example, you get a notification when someone likes or comments on your Facebook post or Instagram feed or when you get mentioned on Twitter.

A significant impact of these notifications can be created when they engage inactive users too.

How can Marketers Make Use of Personalized Emails to Boost Sales?

Marketers can use personalized emails to build relationships with customers. You can provide an engaging environment to the users by presenting notifications based on the knowledge of the relevant connections of the user. These notifications will let the users go back to the app again and reactivate.

Thus, if used properly, social logins can boost conversion rates like no other authentication tool.


Srishti Singh

Written by Srishti Singh

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