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Using LR Digital Identity to Build the Public Sector of the Future

Identity authentication and management play a key role in navigating the digital world that not only reinforces the public sector and government bodies and helps deliver a flawless user experience in diverse verticals. Let’s learn the importance of identity management and how LoginRadius identity management can help public sectors deliver a flawless and secure user experience.

The world is leveraging technology to build a sustainable future that relies on the robust pillars of digitally transformed public sectors.

Whether we talk about cloud migrations of government services and record management or the seamless integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart lives, we’re embarking on a journey to a completely digitalized world.

Identity authentication and management play a key role in navigating the digital world that not only reinforces the public sector and government bodies and helps deliver a flawless user experience in diverse verticals.

Moreover, with the sudden increase in global data breaches, securely managing consumer data, user management including digital identities, becomes the need of the hour.

So what can be done at the base level to ensure massive data and consumer information remains secure without compromising a great user experience?

Well, here’s where a cloud-based CIAM (consumer identity and access management) solution comes into play.

The LoginRadius’ CIAM solution is built to enhance security and deliver a rich user experience that safeguards sensitive data and eventually adds stringent authentication layers.

Let’s learn how LoginRadius’ digital identity authentication paves the way for digitally transforming the public sector.

Who Are You? What’s Your Identity?

Whether we’re using banking services or trying to book a flight, we’re constantly asked to prove our identity for diverse yet obvious reasons.

In a nutshell, we can’t imagine a world where we’re not using our identities to get a job done online or even offline.

Also, proving identity is crucial because cybercriminals are always on the lookout for individuals whose identities can be exploited for multiple reasons, including financial gains and tarnishing a brand repute.

Once users prove their identity through various authentication procedures, they’re allowed to access specific resources and sensitive information required to complete a task.

Here, the good news is that most people are well aware that proving who they are is crucial, but what’s annoying is when the process becomes pretty complex.

On the other hand, organizations are also taking adequate measures to protect their crucial data, as the arrival of stringent GDPR and CCPA regulations. This can undoubtedly add more levels to the overall authentication and authorization process, which hampers user experience.

Unfortunately, this isn’t in the case of the private sector. Although people understand that private entities are different, they would undoubtedly require this information to process our records. This leads to a very unpleasant and inconsistent customer experience.

Here’s where the need for a CIAM (consumer identity and access management) solution like LoginRadius arises.

Let’s understand how LoginRadius digital identity paves the path for a secure public sector of the future.


Simplified Registration with LoginRadius Social Login

Social login helps users to authenticate themselves with the existing social media accounts seamlessly. This shuns the need to create and remember new credentials for a particular platform.

With LoginRadius Social Login, users can quickly log in and register themselves with a single click on a website or a mobile application with their social media accounts from various providers, including- Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, etc.

This allows a very convenient and simplified sign-up and sign-in experience that is backed by robust security.

Moreover, Loginradius’ Social Login is an attractive feature for developers and enterprises that can help streamline consumer verification while also providing more reliable data access for personalization.

RBA (Risk-Based Authentication) and MFA (Multi-factor Authentication)- For Another Stringent Layer of Security

Authentication in the public sector is a crucial aspect, which eventually requires a robust mechanism to ensure user identities remain secured.

LoginRadius offers Multi-Factor Authentication through SMS, automated phone calls, email, security questions, and authenticator apps, allowing you to customize the user experience. Depending on the diverse public sector needs, you can also opt to turn on Multi-Factor Authentication across all customer accounts.

On the other hand, LoginRadius’ Risk-based authentication is a non-static authentication system that considers the profile(IP address, Browser, physical Location, and so on) of a consumer requesting access to the system to determine the risk profile associated with that action.

The risk-based implementation allows diverse web applications to challenge the user for additional credentials only when the risk level is appropriate.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Since many of the public sector websites and applications are interconnected, most of the users may experience inconvenience while they switch from one application to another, which eventually requires re-authentication.

Also, many senior citizens may find it challenging to create new identities or remember different credentials each time they need to switch applications for different purposes.

Here’s where LoginRadius SSO comes into play.

Web SSO authentication from LoginRadius brings everything together. Each user has one account. One set of credentials that they can use anywhere they interact with a department or a public sector service provider.

This ensures a seamless experience throughout the user journey without any compromise with the overall security.

Final Thoughts

The public sector is an integral part of any country’s overall development as it performs a lot of good work.

Until now, most countries have been managing the standard verification approach in the public sector, but it immediately requires adequate alterations in identity verification.

Whether it’s authentication or delivering a consistent omnichannel experience, LoginRadius can help decision-makers build a flawless user experience coupled with enhanced security that ensures the overall digital transformation of the public sector.


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