Delivering a Connected Customer Experience

Increase Conversion and Customer Retention Rates to Grow Faster

Broken Customer Experience is Damaging Your Business

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A Connected Customer Experience is the Key to Success

Conversion Rate

A connected customer experience across all of your digital properties removes the barriers between customer engagement and customer acquisition. Many of our customers increase their conversion rates by up to 67%, meaning that your business can connect to more of the people who you should be targeting at a faster rate.

Customer Retention Rate

A connected experience delivers more value to customers, creating incentives for re-visits, and resulting in up to a 39% increase in customer retention rates.

It Starts with Simplifying How Customers Connect to Your Business


More Ways to Connect

People like choices. Ensure the best possible conversion rates by letting your users choose how to connect with your brand; whether using over 40 social providers, phone registration, or traditionally via username and password.


Easy Connect with Social Login

78% of users prefer to connect via their social provider such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and over 40 others. Ensure that you have a Social Login option on all your digital properties to reduce friction and improve customer retention.


Frictionless Navigation

Allow your customers to navigate across all of your properties with a single identity, a single profile, and a single login system. This is the only way to deliver a connected frictionless experience.

Deploy Single Identity, Enable Connected Experience

Connect the user experiences you have designed on your digital various properties by deploying a single customer identity.

One Identity across All Your Digital Properties

No matter how many digital properties or customer touch points you have, your customers need not deal with multiple accounts or re-registration. All Properties need just one identity.

Identify Customers at Every Touch Point

Having one identity allows you to track and identify your customers across all customer touchpoints - a key to building a single view of each customer. Gain a better understanding of how your users interact with your brand.

Delight Your Customers

Allow your customer to manage and maintain one profile across all of your digital properties

Automatic Profile Building

Each new customer sign-up triggers the creation of a unique profile for your entire digital ecosystem.

One Profile Per Customer

One unique profile means any changes or additions to the customer profile reflects across all of your properties.

One Profile, Multiple IDs

Your customers can link multiple social identities such as Facebook ID, Google ID, Phone Number, and over 40 others.

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