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What Should You Ask Your Identity Provider in 2022

CIAM is the backbone of every mobile application or website that collects user information. So, if you’re thinking about getting a CIAM solution, here are some questions that you need to ask your identity provider in 2022.


Identity management is swiftly becoming the need of the hour in a digitally advanced world where data breaches aren’t uncommon, and cyber criminals continuously explore new ways to exploit sensitive consumer information.

Yes, gone are the days when online businesses collecting user information considered identity management a luxury; it’s the absolute necessity of every enterprise seeking a competitive edge with the highest level of security.

So, does it mean that every business on the verge of digital transformation can’t navigate their digital business success without a reliable consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution?

Unfortunately, yes!

CIAM is the backbone of every mobile application or website that collects user information, providers sign-in/sign-up, and maintains user data.

So, if you’re thinking about getting a CIAM solution, here are some questions that you need to ask your identity provider in 2022.

1. What authentication methods does your CIAM offer?

It’s crucial to know about the number of ways a user can authenticate themselves using a CIAM solution. The more the number of authentication methods, the better and user-friendly the CIAM is.

2. Do you have a passwordless login option?

Enterprises are inching towards passwordless login capabilities to enhance the user experience for their consumers. You must ensure your CIAM offers cutting-edge technology with passwordless login capabilities just like LoginRadius.

3. Can I get single sign-on (SSO) capabilities in your CIAM?

Single Sign-On (SSO) is the most advanced way of creating a frictionless experience for clients when they switch from one application to another within a single platform. Ensure your CIAM offers SSO capabilities at no extra cost.

4. Does your SSO provide seamless access between mobile app and website?

It’s essential to ensure seamless access through SSO when a user switches from website to mobile app without the hassle of re authentication since users find it pretty annoying to authenticate themselves again and again.

5. Is your CIAM GDPR and CCPA compliant?

One of the essential aspects to consider while choosing a CIAM is to ensure whether the product offers GDPR, CCPA, and other data regularization compliances or not. Using a CIAM in certain states without complying with their local data privacy regulations could entail the enterprise for hefty fines.

6. Does your CIAM support third-party integrations?

CIAM that supports third-party integration always offers a competitive advantage to an organization. Businesses can get valuable insights into user behavior and past purchase history to create better marketing strategies.

7. What authentication and authorization security features your CIAM offers?

Before making a purchase, make sure you precisely examine the authentication and authorization security mechanism of your CIAM.

8. Does it have risk-based authentication (RBA)/ adaptive authentication?

LoginRadius supports risk-based authentication for the highest level of security. RBA, aka adaptive authentication, is a security mechanism for high-risk scenarios. Businesses collecting sensitive information regarding clients should always prefer risk-based authentication in addition to multi-factor authentication.

9. What are the authentication methods apart from the standard password login?

Make sure your CIAM vendor offers social login authentication, email login authentication, and phone/email authentication for maximum convenience and security.

10. Can I move data from my previous identity provider?

Some CIAM vendors like LoginRadius offer data export from a previous CIAM vendor. This helps in a flawless transition from a conventional vendor to a cutting-edge new-age CIAM.

11. How can your CIAM help increase my company’s sales, marketing, lead generation, and conversions?

It’s important to learn about the features of the CIAM from a marketing and sales perspective. Your CIAM shouldn’t just provide a seamless login experience, but help improve conversion rates.

12. Do I need to purchase different features separately apart from the subscription?

Ensure that you get every vital feature as a part of the standard subscription plan.

13. Can I have a free personalized demo of the product?

It’s always a great idea to book a free personalized demo before making a purchase. A customized demo helps you understand how the product works for your business since you get hands-on experience with every feature tailored for your organization.

14. What if I need to import previous consumer data in the new CIAM?

Leading CIAM vendors like LoginRadius provide you an option to import your previous consumer data like a breeze. Ensure your new CIAM vendor supports the same.

15. How can my developers benefit from your CIAM?

Developers’ satisfaction regarding the product shouldn’t be ignored since they’re the backbone of the website/ application. Always choose a vendor offering transparency and total control to developers.

16. Do you offer multi-tenant and single-tenant deployment?

Based on your cloud deployment requirement, always enquire about multi-tenant and single-tenant cloud deployment well in advance.

17. Which industries benefit the most from your CIAM?

You need to ensure that your business niche market players trust the CIAM you consider. This will help you make a more intelligent choice.

18. What is the up-time of your data servers?

Don’t forget to inquire about the up-time of the servers since consumer experience is everything you need to focus on while choosing a CIAM. LoginRadius identity management solution offers 100% uptime.

19. Where are your data centers physically located?

It’s essential to know about the physical location of the data centers to ensure data is securely collected, managed, and saved.

20. Do you comply with data localization for the different states?

You shouldn’t miss data localization compliance in your next CIAM since data privacy and security regularizations are becoming increasingly stringent globally.

21. What is the peak load capacity of your CIAM?

The peak load capacity of the CIAM defines how good and reliable a CIAM is handling a massive number of users at once. Always choose the one offering higher peak load capacities like LoginRadius CIAM offering 180K logins/second.

22. How many identities have you secured till date?

Last but not least, you need to ask your vendor regarding the total number of identities that they have secured till data. Choosing the one with a higher number of secured identities could be the game-changer for your business, just like LoginRadius that has secured over 1.17 Billion identities to date.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a reliable CIAM isn’t a piece of cake, and organizations should strictly examine the aspects mentioned above in the form of questions that they need to ask CIAM vendors.

However, LoginRadius offers endless possibilities and provides all the features, compliances, and capabilities mentioned above.

You can choose LoginRadius as your CIAM to witness substantial business growth. Reach us for a free personalized demo today.


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