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IBM Silverpop + LoginRadius

IBM Silverpop LoginRadius

Silverpop is an email marketing service provider. Through a LoginRadius integration, you can feed your customer Profile Data directly into Silverpop and build mailing lists in real-time.

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Example Use-Case 1

  1. You implement LoginRadius’ Customer Registration Service on your website and your customers use it to register and log in.
  2. You collect Profile Data from your customers and feed it directly into Silverpop.
  3. This data is automatically converted into individual lead profiles for each of your customers.
  4. Within Silverpop, you can manage all of your customers in one central location.

Example Use-Case 2

  1. You embed our Customer Registration interface into your Silverpop landing pages.
  2. Through the use of this registration system, your website visitors gain access to resources such as ebooks, demo sign-ups, and tutorials.
  3. Their Profile Data is collected and each one is automatically converted into a Silverpop Lead if they are not an existing.

Want to see LoginRadius in Action?

Don't worry. LoginRadius has an open integration API that works with every application, so we can offer custom integrations. Please let us know the integration and the use-case that you want, and we’ll take care of it for you.