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How to Build Your Github Profile

Your GitHub profile is vital in showcasing your programming skills. Learn how you can leverage GitHub profile to showcase your skills and expertise.

Github is great, as you may already know.

But, did you ever think to make your profile attractive for potential employers, followers, recruiters, and visitors?

Let's make a better version of it.

Github Profile Image Frame

It's up to you to decide how you want this frame — photo-less, cartoon avatar, or best explaining image.

For the best image, take a quality click; quality means not blurred, perfect lighting, and good posture. If someone looks at the photo, it shall explain your personality.

Github Profile Page

Github has a feature called README if you do not know already.

Check out some listing of awesome GitHub profiles.

To start this, first, you need to create a project that is the same as your GitHub username.

Example: My user name is abhir9, and I need to create a repo with the same name abhir9 with a README.md file.

This README.me will act as the profile page: https://github.com/abhir9

It is the actual README file created using a repo with my GitHub username: https://github.com/abhir9/abhir9/blob/main/README.md

Here you can add your quotes, hello statement, greetings, etc. It is connected to the viewer on your behalf.

So write a short paragraph or a brief story to introduce yourself.

There are some apps from contributors that extract the information based on your profile name and share stats and charts.

  • https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app e.g.: https://github-readme-stats.vercel.app/api?username=abhir9&show_icons=true&count_private=true&theme=react
  • https://readme-typing-svg.herokuapp.com e.g.: https://readme-typing-svg.herokuapp.com?size=50&center=true&vCenter=true&width=800&height=100&lines=Namaste%20%F0%9F%99%8F%3BPranam%20%F0%9F%99%8F%3BKhamma%20Ghani%20%F0%9F%99%8F%3BVanakkam%20%F0%9F%99%8F%3BSat%20Sri%20Akaal%20%F0%9F%99%8F%3BAssalam%20Alaikum%20%F0%9F%99%8F%3B
  • https://views.whatilearened.today e.g.: https://views.whatilearened.today/views/github/abhir9/abhir9.svg?cache=remove
  • https://github-readme-streak-stats.herokuapp.com e.g.: https://github-readme-streak-stats.herokuapp.com/?user=abhir9&theme=react
  • SVG Icons e.g.: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/devicons/devicon/master/icons/ubuntu/ubuntu-plain.svg

Many other online apps can be used per your need — e.g., how you want to decorate your profile page.

Github Pinned Repos

Github allows you to pin up to 6 repos.

Try to pin the best of your projects' repos. Mostly, people do visit these repos if they land on your profiles.

Greeny Contributions

There is a heat map that represents your contributions.

Heat map graph will automatically generate as per your contributions. Try to keep it greener by contributing usefully to your favorite projects.

README for Every Project

Whether it's a minor or significant project, add a well-descriptive README file. It helps anyone clearly understand what your project does and how they can contribute if they want to.

Format it in a better way; if you don't know very much about Markdown format, you can use an online tool like https://pandao.github.io/editor.md/en.html

You can use images, screenshots, gifs, resources list, contribution guidelines, license, etc.

Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

Written by Abhimanyu Singh Rathore

He is a fun-loving technocrat, artist, photographer, nature lover, leisure traveler, and developer. He actively develops full-stack apps and programs in Go and various JavaScript frameworks and libraries, especially React.

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