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4 Ways to Extend CIAM Capabilities of BigCommerce

Want to add Phone Login or Single Sign-on for customers of your BigCommerce application? This article explains it all. Towards the end, it talks about how LoginRadius can help you improve upsell and cross-sell.

BigCommerce is a great eCommerce platform with rich features, and millions of people benefit from it. But there are limitations when you want to extend the platform for the following identity and access management requirements:

  • Single sign-on (SSO) to enhance the user experience and improve authentication security
  • Phone login via mobile number and OTP for quick customer sign-up and sign-in
  • Prefilled customer information via Social Login for easy checkout
  • Analytics to learn more about individual customers to boost upsell and cross-sell

Let’s talk about how you can extend BigCommerce and add on the above-mentioned features hassle-free.

The answer is to utilize a CIAM (Consumer Identity and Access Management) that provides BigCommerce integration. You can easily configure and implement these features with minimal development effort using the CIAM provider. One such CIAM provider is LoginRadius.

How to Implement These Features

You are required to create an account with the CIAM provider, enable BigCommerce Integration, and do needed configurations in both BigCommerce and CIAM Provider. For more details, refer to this guide here. This guide also explains the modifications required in your Stencil or Blueprint themes of BigCommerce. As a result of this implementation, you can enable the desired authentication method(s) for customers of your BigCommerce Application. Consequently, making the eCommerce experience smoother for your customers.

Both customer and business will see several benefits (described below) from using CIAM solutions for features such as SSO, Phone Login, Prefilled Customer Information, and Analytics.

Benefits of Implementing These Features

Enhanced Customer Experience with SSO

SSO lets customers log in with an existing identity. Allowing customers to use their existing identity increases conversions and return rates. It also improves security by allowing your customers to manage lesser digital identities and credentials. The movement toward Bring Your Own Identity(BYOI) is gaining prominence as customers look to control their digital profiles, and SSO enables customers to bring their own digital identity.

Increased Customer Engagement with Phone Login

Phone login via OTP allows customers to easily log into their account without remembering a username or password. They only need to provide the Phone Number and then enter the received OTP to log in.

This process makes sign-up and sign-in seamless for the customers and improves customer engagement. Also, businesses get fewer or no forgot password requests from customers, which reduces the support efforts.

Improved Upsell and Cross-sell with Prefilled Information

The top reason behind the cart abandonment is the long or confusing checkout process. Using the prefilled customer information with the LoginRadius Social Login feature, you can reduce the overall time involved in the checkout process.

Prefilled customer information such as name, city, email address during checkout allows customers to place orders quickly.

Let’s say a customer logged in using a social account and during checkout. With the customer’s permission, LoginRadius can retrieve basic information like name, email, birth date, gender from their social account. Thus, the customers need not enter data manually and experience a shorter and smoother checkout process.

Insights Turned into Actions

When you use LoginRadius as CIAM, it stores your customer data with your desired data centers. Also, LoginRadius Dashboard allows you to access the customer analytics related to identity, demographics, login, communication, etc. These analytics and charts help you understand your customers and their preferences better.

For example:

  • Login medium(s) popular with your customers
  • Age groups and areas where your products are purchased the most

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, you experience below additional benefits:

  • Implement all the above-stated features with minimal development efforts or customizations at your end.
  • Seamlessly manage any B2B access and communication to manage the eCommerce business effortlessly.


Extending the capabilities of your great eCommerce platform is like a cherry on the cake. Signup for free and get in touch with us to take your eCommerce platform a level ahead.

Archna Yadav

Written by Archna Yadav

Archna is an analyst turned writer. Who loves doing Solution Analysis and R&D and then writes articles about the same.

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