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LoginRadius Open Source For Hacktoberfest 2020

Checkout LoginRadius Open Source Repositories where you can contribute for hackotberfest 2020

LoginRadius Open Source Projects

Just 1 week left in hacktoberfest 2020 and being part of it, we at LoginRadius are all set with lots of our projects going open source this year.

To get LoginRadius swags see our Hacktoberfest Launch Blog. We have around 500 swags for our open source contributors.

Here is a list of our open source projects available on Github for hacktoberfest 2020


  • LoginRadius Engineering Portal

    • Our Engineering Blog where you can contribute by writing a guest blog of fixing any issue you find with any of the available blogs.
  • LoginRadius Docs

    • LoginRadius Developer Documentation
  • Egnature

    • An another email signature generator
  • Cascade

    • Create your internal developers' portal using Cascade.
  • C# Password Hash Library

    • .NET standard library to secure the passwords using multiple hashing algorithms.
  • Go-SAML

    • High-Level API Implementation of SAML 2.0 (Currently Supported Identity Provider Implementation) Single Sign-On
  • PS-Softlist

    • A power shell script to detect non-whitelisted installed software on Windows machines.

Check the open issues on each of the projects as well as Pull Request before creating a new one. Happy Coding! Stay tuned for more updates from LoginRadius and don't forget to check our Hacktoberfest Page to get around 500 swags from LoginRadius.

Hridayesh Sharma

Written by Hridayesh Sharma

Hridayesh Sharma is a Software Engineer at LoginRadius who is interested in how the web works and developer tools that make working with web easier.

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