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One Vision, Many Paths: How We’re Supporting freeCodeCamp

LoginRadius now supports the freeCodeCamp community through a sponsorship program. We also offer $200 credits to freeCodeCamp developers to help them rapidly implement world-class customer identity and access management in their applications.

It is scientifically proven that helping others makes people happy. Probably no one knows this better than the developer community around the world, which continues to amaze by contributing extensively to free and open source software.

And there is freeCodeCamp community, a nonprofit started in 2014 by Quincy Larson. It has been helping thousands of aspiring developers learn web development and find their first software jobs. The community features a self-paced learning platform that helps learn various web technologies, including Bootstrap, D3, jQuery, and React, among many others.

Being a nonprofit, freeCodeCamp entirely works based on charitable donations and contributions of developers to maintain its learning platform. In fact, it is so efficient that with every $5 in donation, it can provide more than 250 hours of learning. And it is so effective that some of its alumni work for marquee tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, among others.

In 2013, just a year before freeCodeCamp was established, we founded LoginRadius with a vision to secure every identity on this planet. From our early beginnings, we have developed LoginRadius CIAM to empower developers to build more secure applications and simplify the implementation of customer identity and access management on their production applications to save development and maintenance time. Today, burgeoning startups to Fortune 500 companies trust LoginRadius, and we're now collectively handling 1.17 billion user identities for our customers worldwide.

We are as obsessed as freeCodeCamp to support and enable the developer community to do much more and make this world a better place. And we wanted to continuously help the freeCodeCamp community in any way possible.

Today, we are a proud sponsor of freeCodeCamp and supporting the community's developers.

Signup here if you're a developer from the freeCodeCamp community. And we'll offer $200 credits so you can leverage LoginRadius CIAM — beyond the free developer tier — to implement highly secure, user-centric customer identity and access management.

This is indeed a moment of joy and pride for everyone at LoginRadius. We would like to extend our gratitude to freeCodeCamp for letting us be a part of its journey in strengthening the developer community.

By the way, if you want to share your expertise with the developer community, please feel free to write for the LoginRadius Blog portal. We have an open for contributions policy so anyone around the world can contribute. Find more details on our public GitHub repo.

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Raghunath Reddy

Written by Raghunath Reddy

Raghunath is a technical content writer with a graduate degree in computer science. He is also a Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) enthusiast and enjoys studying the English language.


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