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How to add SSO for your WordPress Site!

Providing a seamless experience for your consumers is non-negotiable, especially when running multiple WordPress sites. Single Sign-On provides that experience to your users. Here's how to provide a frictionless experience to your users.

Do you have a WordPress site?

Do you run a business with hundreds or thousands of users?

Then, you might want your consumers to seamlessly move between your multiple sites without them having to re-enter their credentials, right? Asking them to re-authenticate is a cumbersome process. This is where SSO helps you!

Businesses thrive by providing a seamless experience to their consumers. So, yes! Whether you are running an ecommerce business, travel, hospitality, or even blogging, you can only attract consumers to provide them with frictionless experiences.

What is SSO

Single Sign-On (SSO) refers to the authentication process that allows your customers to access multiple applications with a single set of login credentials and an active login session.

SSO - For a seamless user experience

Having SSO for your WordPress sites will boost the experience of the consumer spending time on your site. It is relatively effortless nowadays to build a fancy-looking site that will attract consumers at first. But, for a site to gain traction and make those consumers return to your site will be a challenge. For example, by offering a frictionless experience and having no barriers like complicated registration forms, asking not to sign in repeatedly will make your site stand out over your competitors. SSO helps your consumers navigate across your multiple web properties. Once the user is logged in, they don't have repeated demands for sign-ins. The experience is frictionless.

SSO with LoginRadius

Adding SSO to your existing web properties can be a challenge. LoginRadius WordPress Plugin is an out-of-box solution that replaces the WordPress default login form with the LoginRadius JS forms.

With minimal time and effort, you can add SSO to your existing sites leveraging LoginRadius WordPress Plugin and gain access to login data via our dashboard. This will help you to boost conversion and also reduce the time to onboard consumers.

We have detailed documentation.

It's Here to Help Developers

LoginRadius aims to help developers, web development agencies, and businesses to add SSO in the simplest way possible. LoginRadius allows you to store your consumer profiles securely and add our customizable login interfaces into your applications in minutes. By enabling our SSO, you can create a frictionless user experience, thus boosting your conversion rate.



LoginRadius SSO plugin for WordPress improves your consumers' experience by taking away password fatigue and the need to create new profiles or re-enter an email/password. Apart from configuring SSO, the LoginRadius WordPress plugin offers other benefits such as:

Your Take?

We always want to hear from our customers. Like many others in the market, we want developers to install it and offer feedback. This feedback will help us enhance the plugin and make it more user-friendly.


Saikiran Babladi

Written by Saikiran Babladi

Saikiran is the Senior Solutions Engineer at LoginRadius Inc. He interacts with prospective customers to understand their use-case/pain areas and provides a fit-for-purpose solution by delivering product demos and POC's.

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