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Stand Out from the Crowd: Improve Your Customer Support with CIAM

Whether it’s intuitive and personalized user onboarding or a unified view of every consumer, CIAM is becoming the need of the hour for diverse industries. Let’s learn about the endless possibilities of a CIAM that delivers the highest level of customer support services.

Customer support is considered the most critical aspect of business success in a modern, digitally advanced, and competitive world.

Besides numerous abilities, if an enterprise cannot deliver a flawless user experience to its clients, it will struggle to meet the desired competitive pace.

Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions offer new horizons to businesses embarking on a journey to digital transformation with endless possibilities.

Whether it’s intuitive and personalized user onboarding or a unified view of every consumer, CIAM is becoming the need of the hour for diverse industries.

As per statista, the identity as a service (IDaaS) market was valued at approx 4B U.S. dollars in 2019, which is expected to inflate to almost 18B U.S. dollars in 2027.

This means that most businesses are already leveraging a robust CIAM for diverse reasons, including customer support.

This post reveals the endless possibilities of a CIAM to deliver the highest level of customer support services to customers in the most competitive environment.

What is CIAM and How Does it Help Businesses?

Before we inch towards learning the CIAM aspects that help improve customer support, let’s quickly understand what a CIAM is and how it helps businesses.

Customer identity and access management (CIAM) is a digital identity management software solution that combines login verification with customer data storage.

CIAM aims to improve the customer's sign-up and login experience while securely managing customer identities. It offers the luxury of a centralized customer database that links all other apps and services to provide a secure and seamless customer experience.

Customer identity and access management have historically been a use case for consumers (B2C). Yet, an organization's client may also be a company (B2B).

The new way of doing business covers many markets and use cases as consumers demand more from companies they do business with. From an enterprise point of view, a CIAM solution has several valuable features that can improve security, enhance customer data collation, and provide critical data to the marketing and sales departments.

How does CIAM Improve Customer Support?

Now that we’ve learned the basics about a CIAM and how it helps businesses streamline identity management coupled with robust security, let’s understand how a CIAM also reinforces customer support services.

Account Creation and Management

A CIAM solution can handle millions of identities. Each identity has its characteristics, which can be further utilized to help the identity owners to get instant support.

Users of an enterprise can create, update, or delete records and can seek immediate help for any issue. Since all end-user records are available at a single click, managing them is easy and efficient.

Users can add, delete, or update information related to their accounts and expect a resolution for their issues in a few minutes since the data can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, those who face verification emails or need to change account passwords can get instant support to fix the problems as everything is available in the system dashboard.

Account Maintenance

When profile data is hidden away in silos, serving your users is like finishing a puzzle whose pieces are scattered in different rooms.

LoginRadius brings all of the pieces together.

Contact info, profile details, purchasing history, preferences, consumer service, and every bit of data and every interaction a person has with your brand is visible in a single location.

Imagine how easily you could solve issues with user accounts. And how much more intelligent your business decisions could be. The LoginRadius Admin Console is where it all happens.

User Management

You can manage a directory of ten thousand or ten million users straight from the LoginRadius Admin Console, which gives you a highly secure and flexible view of individual profiles.

LoginRadius User Management includes tools for searching, browsing, and viewing all the data and activity associated with a user account.

Administrators can also do manual actions on behalf of users, such as triggering verification and password reset emails, provisioning new accounts, and updating user information.


Unified View of Each Customer

With a reliable CIAM like LoginRadius, enterprises can administer user profiles with just a single click. This means admins can easily edit individual customer roles in their database right from the Admin Console without running queries or dealing with complicated coding rules.

Moreover, one can quickly search for any consumer with a single click and fetch their account details to help them with their concerns directly via CIAM.

Final Thoughts

Consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solutions are redefining the world of customer support services by offering endless possibilities.

Many renowned businesses have been leveraging CIAM solutions for years to enhance security and better user experience and deliver the highest quality support services.

The ones finding ways to enhance support services must consider relying on a CIAM solution that improves consumer support and eventually increases customer satisfaction and retention. Reach us out to know more.


Rajeev Sharma

Written by Rajeev Sharma

11+ years of overall experience in technical/application support including 7+ years in leading/managing the technical support team. Rajeev is a customer-focused performer who is committed to quality in every task from personal interaction with coworkers and users to the high level of services provided to the company/customer.True food lover, enjoys playing cricket and volleyball, and a Leisure traveler!!!

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