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Why Your Business Needs A Simple Passwordless Experience (Minus the User Friction)

Whether it’s a little friction in login authentication or user fatigue in filling massive registration forms, everything counts when it comes to a bad user experience. Let’s uncover the importance of going passwordless for enterprises.

A secure and frictionless user experience is what’s swiftly becoming the need of the hour. And here’s where the critical role of passwordless experience comes to play.

User experience begins the moment a user lands on a website or an application. In a nutshell, if a platform cannot deliver a smooth onboarding experience or frictionless surfing experience, it’ll lose a potential customer.

Whether it’s a little friction in login authentication or user fatigue in filling massive registration forms, everything counts when it comes to a bad user experience.

Also, it doesn’t matter the quality of products or services you’re offering; if a user isn’t happy with your first greet, they’ll switch.

So, what could be the best solution to deal with login authentication issues and shun registration fatigue? Well, here is where passwordless technology comes to the rescue!

Passwordless authentication eliminates the need to remember passwords since users can authenticate and log in to their accounts or even sign-up for a platform without using user ids and passwords.

Passwordless authentication, if implemented through a consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, can help mitigate the registration fatigue.

Let’s look at some aspects that depict the importance of going passwordless and why businesses should immediately put their best efforts into offering a no password experience.

What is Passwordless Authentication? Why is it Crucial in 2022?

A passwordless authentication system swaps the use of a traditional password with more secure factors. These extra-security methods may include a magic link, fingerprint, PIN, or a secret token delivered via email or text message.

Users find it easier to authenticate themselves without remembering passwords for different accounts. And this contributes to a great user experience from the moment a user first interacts with a platform.

Apart from the user experience perspective, passwordless authentication is swiftly becoming the preferred authentication method among businesses seeking ways to protect consumer identities and sensitive business information. Let’s understand how.


How Passwordless Experience Thrives Business Growth?

With passwordless login, you can create a completely frictionless registration and authentication process for your customers, freeing them from the hassle of remembering yet another password. Hence, you get returning customers.

Apart from this, if passwordless authentication is implemented through a CIAM solution, enterprises can get endless business benefits, including progressive profiling.

Progressive profiling is the method of collecting personal information about the client step-by-step. It helps the digital marketing team streamline the lead nurturing process by gathering increasingly specific client data.

The perfect symphony of passwordless authentication and progressive profiling helps businesses generate more leads and convert them, further promoting overall business growth.

Passwordless Authentication from the Lens of CISOs and IT Experts

With the increasing number of cybersecurity threats and rapid cloud computing, businesses are now worrying about their sensitive business information and customer details.

With passwords out of the picture, the following are a few attacks that businesses can dodge by implementing passwordless authentication into their systems.

Cyber attacks and threats could lead to losses worth millions of dollars and even cause reputational damages. Here are some of the most common security threats that can be prevented with a passwordless authentication:

  1. Password Spraying: It is a method of cyber-attack that attempts to log in to many accounts with commonly used password credentials.
  2. Brute Force Attack: Hackers use the trial-and-error method to guess the login credentials or encryption keys. They try all the possible combinations until the account is hacked.
  3. Spear Phishing is an email spoofing attack that scams organizations and individuals into giving away sensitive credentials for financial, military or trade gains.
  4. Social Engineering: Hackers use psychological manipulation and scam users to give away sensitive information or grant access to critical resources.
  5. Shoulder Surfing: It is a type of data theft where the intruder steals login credentials by peeking over the target's shoulder.

In Conclusion

Passwordless authentication is undeniably becoming the need of the hour, both from an information security and user experience perspective.

Hence, businesses need to understand the importance of passwordless authentication since compromising user experience and security could be fatal for any organization.

Businesses leveraging cutting-edge authentication technologies always stand ahead of their competitors since their customers enjoy a seamless user experience reinforced by robust security.


Vishal Sharma

Written by Vishal Sharma

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