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A Look Back At Our 20 Top Performing Blogs in 2022

In 2022, we continued to share valuable posts that uphold our mission to help companies manage and secure customer identities. We’re wrapping up the year by compiling a list of our top-performing blogs of 2022.

2022 was undoubtedly a great year for businesses since it helped organizations overcome the challenges and uncertainties of the previous couple of years.

Whether it’s budding entrepreneurs or renowned brands, most of them were able to meet customer expectations and ensure streamlined business revenues and growth.

And when we talk about the customer identity and access management landscape, LoginRadius was one of the top performers in securing billions of identities and educating the global audience regarding the diverse aspects of CIAM, security, and growth strategy.

Our top-performing blogs of 2022 were written by industry experts who shared their knowledge and experience to help readers understand and utilize advanced technology in the CIAM landspace.

In 2022, we brought you the most insightful guidance and advice you would follow. We have compiled a list of our top-performing blogs because we know you need quality content to help boost your sales and lead-generation strategies while securing your customers’ identities.

If you need a quick and easy way to navigate through our vast amount of insightful posts on CIAM and growth strategies, then this curated list is for you. Let’s explore.

Top 10 Performing Identity Blogs in 2022

#10. How To Secure Your Contact Form From Bot Attacks

It is no surprise that the contact form attracts a lot of bot attacks. Hackers not only create false traffic, resulting in damage to brand image but also results in malicious attacks on websites. The objective of this blog is to help you to secure a contact form.

The blog portrays various methods that can be used to prevent bots from submitting forms and not falling into a random audacious attack.

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#9. What is User Management?

A user management system forms an integral part of identity and access management (IAM) and is an essential security form. It enables administrators to grant access, manage user access, and control user accounts.

The blog covers all the aspects of user management and its key benefits for a business.

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#8. 7 Benefits of Single Sign-On and Why Your Business Needs It?

Securely handling thousands of accounts and related user data is challenging for users and IT administrators. Enterprises use single sign-on as a single strategy to improve IT security, user experience, and cut IT costs in one go.

The blog covers all the aspects of SSO and helps you understand its importance for overall business growth.

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#7. 7 Benefits of Multi-Factor Authentication

When it comes to information security, the MFA plays a crucial role. It protects information from possible hacks, keeps an eye on employee accounts, and scares hackers away.

Besides this, even though their login credentials are leaked accidentally, MFA protects users. MFA adds an extra layer of security to such applications using time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) via call or SMS, Google Authenticator, etc.

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#6. Best Practices for Choosing Good Security Questions

Security questions can add an extra layer of certainty to your authentication process. They are an alternative way of identifying your consumers when they have forgotten their password, entered the wrong credentials too many times or tried to log in from an unfamiliar device or location.

So, how do you define a good security question? This blog lists some basic guidelines to help you create the best ones.

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#5.7 Common Web Application Security Threats

Each year, attackers develop inventive web application security threats to compromise sensitive data and access their targets' databases. Consequently, security experts build on the exploited vulnerabilities and strengthen their systems through yearly learning.

The blog highlights the 7 common web application security threats that every business should be aware of.

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#4. What is a Token? What are its Pros and Cons?

A token plays a crucial role in enhancing the overall security mechanism of an organization that helps to deliver flawless and secure authentication and authorization on their website or application.

The blog explains what a token is and its pros and cons. It will help you decide whether you need to invoke the potential of tokens for your business.

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#3. What is Broken Authentication and How to Prevent Your Company From It?

When the hacker gains access to the system admin's account by using the online platform's vulnerabilities, particularly in credential management and session management, it's referred to as broken authentication.

Authentication protects a consumer's identity by allowing only a verified user to enter the system. But there are numerous ways through which the hacker impersonates the consumer and enters the system.

The blog highlights the different aspects of broken authentication and what businesses should be aware of.

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#2. Social Engineering Attacks: Prevention and Best Practices [Infographic]

Over the years, social engineering attacks have been a regular phenomenon against companies. It has become more and more sophisticated. It is high time for businesses to perform careful research and use suitable instruments to remain ahead of fraudsters.

The infographic helps you understand social engineering and the best practices to avoid becoming victims of the most common social engineering attacks.

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#1. What is Multi-Factor Authentication?

Multi-factor authentication (or MFA) is a multi-layered security system that verifies the identity of users for login or other transactions.

MFA is considered one of the most efficient ways of providing improved security in recent times. The multiple layers ensure that users demanding access are who they claim to be. Even if cybercriminals steal one credential, they'll be forced to verify identities in another way.

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Top 10 Performing Growth Blogs in 2022

#10. Why Should You Implement Social Login Authentication?

If you're building a startup today, social login should be the default, not an afterthought. It will give you a competitive advantage because your users won't have to register or even create an email address to use your site.

With social login, users can sign up for various applications or websites without repeatedly inputting their credentials. The blog helps you understand the importance of social login in today’s modern digital world.

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#9. 10 Ways To Improve Your eCommerce Store's Security

Online security is one of the biggest concerns for eCommerce stores. This is why every eCommerce business should make additional efforts to ensure that their websites, data stores, and clients' data remain as guarded as possible to enhance the customer experience in retail.

Here’s an insightful blog that helps ensure robust security for your eCommerce store.

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#8. 5 Ways to Enhance Customer Experience in E-commerce

If you own or manage an e-commerce business, you know that a solid customer experience (CX) strategy is vital to success. But before you consider tackling CX, it’s essential to understand what it is and what it can do for your business.

The blog helps you understand how customer experience can be enhanced in the eCommerce business landscape.

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#7. 4 Main Features of Enterprise Software

The functionality of Enterprise Software is much different from the usual one, as it is mainly meant to fulfill the needs of one significant corporate entity. Nevertheless, it also has to fill the user niche, as satisfying people’s needs increases an organization’s income.

The blog highlights the essential features of enterprise software and what businesses need to know before making a final decision.

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#6. Customer Success: The Importance of Customer Onboarding

Customer onboarding is one of the more delicate components of marketing. This process can make or break a business. In addition to increasing revenue, it allows businesses to create customer relationships.

Here’s everything you need to know about customer onboarding and how it paves the path for building lasting customer relationships.

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#5. Decoding the Role of Multi-Factor Authentication and IVR in Banking

One of the greatest adoptions in the banking industry is the introduction of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. Both of them are considered effective ways that help banks to reduce fraud. This blog explains their roles in banking.

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#4. 4 Things to Consider When Starting a Digital Transformation

Everywhere you look, companies are announcing plans to undergo digital business transformations. The problem they are facing, however, is deciding where to start.

However, jumping on the digital transformation bandwagon isn’t a piece of cake. If you are one of these organizations, read this insightful blog highlighting the top 4 things to consider when starting a digital transformation.

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#3. 5 Tips to Enhance the Consumer Experience in B2B SaaS

Assessment and improvement of customer experience are appropriate for consumers and suitable for your business. Focusing on CX provides a competitive advantage that drives customer retention, revenue growth, and business valuation over time.

Read the five ways to motivate your B2B SaaS consumer support team to deliver outstanding experiences.

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#2. How to Blend Security with Frictionless User Experience?

By striking the right balance between user experience and security, you can provide a product that consumers trust and enjoy using. If, on the other hand, you compromise one for the other, customer churn is a more likely scenario.

Hence, balancing user experience with security helps a brand grow in the long run. Read on to learn how to improve it on your website and within your product.

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#1. 9 Facts About Social Login & CRO That You Should Know About

Conversion rate is an all-important metric that every website keeps a close eye on. To increase this rate, businesses turn to Conversion Rate Optimization or CRO marketing.

CRO marketing focuses on improving a user's experience, which may result in them making purchases. Businesses with websites use login services like social login to ensure that this takes place. These services allow them to cater to customers better.

The blog that highlights helpful facts about social login and CRO that every brand needs to know.

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To Conclude

The blogs mentioned above can help you understand the CIAM landscape and ensure you get the best answers to all your business-related queries. Additionally, the growth blogs can help you understand the key driving factors that can scale your business growth with more leads and conversions.

Reach us to learn more about the LoginRadius CIAM and how it can help scale your business growth even in the most unpredictable times.

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