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IOM X, a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

We take a break from tip-giving. Here's a real-life instance of LoginRadius in motion, collaborating with IOM X to solve the numerous problems and optimise their marketing metrics.

Established in 2014, IOM X is an innovative campaign created by the non-profit organization, International Organization for Migration (IOM), that leverages the influence of technology and media to inspire communities and youths to act against human trafficking. Its activities mainly focus on developing free and accessible television and online media content with the goal of raising awareness about human trafficking, as well as the actions that can be taken to help fight it.

Why they came to LoginRadius

As IOM X’s efforts are centered around accessible web-based content, digital media and online engagement is essential to everything they do. With LoginRadius’ social solution, IOM X wanted to achieve these two objectives:

  1. Gain a better insight of its users to create more effective marketing communications
  2. Provide an improved user experience to increase visitor-to-user conversion rate

At LoginRadius, we strive to provide a simple and hassle-free implementation process to help our customers successfully achieve their goals. During IOM X’s implementation period, our 24-hour support team was readily available to assist whenever there were any questions or concerns.

What they saw as a result

By centralizing all of their user identities, IOM X was able to gain valuable insight into their user base, tailor their messages to specific audiences, and provide users with more effective and meaningful content. They are now able to cater their communication and media and have seen improvements in user engagement and increases in the conversion rate.

IOMX - LoginRadius Customer Success Story


Karl Wittig

Written by Karl Wittig

Karl is the AVP of Customer Success at LoginRadius, the industry leading Consumer IAM provider. He thrives in fast paced high tech environments working closely with Customers to overcome complex Identity related challenges as part of their digital transformations. Outside of work, he spends his time with his family in and around Vancouver hiking, snowboarding and exploring.

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