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Harry Rosen, a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

Read our client's success story, Harry Rosen Inc., an e-commerce retailer in Canada. Learn how LoginRadius helped them enhance the onboarding experience with robust security.

In a modern digital world where every business wishes to jump on the technology bandwagon to begin its digital transformation journey, the role of identity management can’t be underestimated.

Whether an organization seeks substantial business growth by delivering personalized consumer experiences or needs compliances to build trust, identity and access management is their one-stop solution.

Our client, Harry Rosen Inc., is Canada's premier retailer with an extensive collection of men’s fashion wear from the world’s finest labels, the latest must-have designers, and its very own signature brand.

The company sought a reliable onboarding solution provider that secures authentication through compliance-ready solutions.

The Situation

The volatile cyberthreat landscape presented new challenges for the highly recognized retailer. Harry Rosen decided to embrace the opportunity and modernize its infrastructure to create a secure consumer experience.

The company wanted a solution that could secure their consumers’ identity and enhance their experience right from the moment they interact with their brand.

The Challenges

Harry Rosen was conscious of keeping up with the shifting regulatory demands and wanted to give its consumers more control and awareness over their data by self-management of their privacy choices.

The company has been experiencing the following list of challenges. Therefore, they wanted a secure, stable, reliable solution that made onboarding seamless for their consumers:

  • A connected digital experience
  • Security coupled with governance
  • Unifying consumer journey

Hence, Harry Rosen decided to hand over the deployment of a solution that enhances authentication experience and eventually meets the requirements of Canadian data privacy laws.

How LoginRadius Paved the Path for a Seamless Onboarding and Secure Experience

Implementing Single Sign-On

Since consumers find it exhausting to use multiple credentials to log into multiple interconnected accounts, LoginRadius implemented Single Sign-On (SSO) into their systems.

This included integration with a headless e-commerce platform that allowed them to create a single account for the entire Harry Rosen digital platform.

With LoginRadius’ SSO solution, the consumers can seamlessly authenticate once and stay signed in across multiple interconnected accounts.

Deploying Passwordless Login

Since the clients required an identity solution that empowers high-quality registration and login experience, going passwordless was the ultimate solution.

Hence, we deployed our passwordless solution that removes the extra step of creating or remembering new passwords.

Harry Rosen leveraged LoginRadius’ Passwordless Login feature that allowed consumers to quickly sign-up without the need for a password.

Now, consumers receive an email with a login link, through which they are instantly authenticated.

Password Migration

The client wanted their current registered consumers to use their existing passwords to access the new web application.

However, password migration is usually a resource-intensive and critical task for any new platform or digital project.

LoginRadius not only ensured that all hashed passwords were migrated seamlessly, but it also upgraded any password with older hashing algorithms to industry standard requirements.


LoginRadius understands the ever-changing requirements of modern businesses on a digital transformation journey.

With our cutting-edge consumer identity and access management (CIAM) solution, our client, Harry Rosen, has now streamlined access for its consumers with a single identity, and they can log in from anywhere they want on the Harry Rosen platform.

Using the LoginRadius platform, the client is now poised to expand its capabilities with features such as Social Login, Phone Login, and MFA.

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