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Rede Gazeta, a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

By implementing LoginRadius, Rede Gazeta now have an even better understanding of what their readers are interested in, and can devote their time into generating quality content that their users want to read.

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Founded in 1928, Rede Gazeta started with one newspaper, A Gazeta. Throughout the years, it has grown into the largest communication network in the Espírito Santo region of Brazil. It has  a network of 19 businesses that touches various forms of media outlets, including print newspapers, online media, editorial photography, radio stations, and broadcasting.

Rede Gazeta operates based on the commitment to innovation, quality content, and ethical conduct, and this belief and true throughout its entire organization.

The Situation

As one of the most important media corporations in Brazil, Rede Gazeta needs to ensure that they are constantly innovating how to best understand their audiences in order to stay relevant. The most important aspect of what they do, is understanding the content that is the most relevant and interesting to their audience.

The Challenges

  • Understanding the data
    • With data from multiple sources, they struggled to consolidate everything and truly understand what their readers were looking for.
  • Updating the infrastructure
    • It was difficult to keep track and make sure that the APIs from all of the social networks were updated at all times
  • Time consuming
    • Instead of putting time towards innovating ways to reach their audience and working on future initiatives, the team was weighed down with the workload to maintain their existing infrastructure and APIs.

The LoginRadius Solution

  • Social Login
    • With LoginRadius' social login solution, we took over the responsibility of maintaining and updating the social APIs to ensure that they are always up to date. We handle everything so Rede Gazeta can free up their time to focus on their own projects and initiatives.
  • Customizable interface
    • By using LoginRadius' dashboard, Rede Gazeta can easily customize and make any necessary changes to their registration page. Even though it is managed through LoginRadius, Rede Gazeta has full control over the look and feel of their registration page.
  • Integration

    • CXense
      • Through LoginRadius, Rede Gazeta was able to set up an integration with CXense, a data management platform, where the data stored in LoginRadius is automatically synced with the CXense database. This ensures that their data is unified at all times for further analysis.
    • Google Analytics
      • With the Google Analytics integration, Rede Gazeta can automatically track the user activity of their readers and have that information stored in the unified profiles in LoginRadius. This, along with the CXsense integration, provides Rede Gazeta with a centralized view of their audience. They now have all the information they need to know and generate the content that their users want to read.

Rede Gazeta - LoginRadius Customer Success Story


Karl Wittig

Written by Karl Wittig

Karl is the AVP of Customer Success at LoginRadius, the industry leading Consumer IAM provider. He thrives in fast paced high tech environments working closely with Customers to overcome complex Identity related challenges as part of their digital transformations. Outside of work, he spends his time with his family in and around Vancouver hiking, snowboarding and exploring.

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