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Skiperformance - a LoginRadius Customer Success Story

A greatly transformed user experience that welcomed over 600,000 new customers for Skiperformance.


Read a success story about our work with Ski Performance AS, an e-commerce platforming serving the European ski tourism industry. Discover how LoginRadius helped our client transform its customer experience and bring in more than 600k new users.

"From the very beginning of the development of our e-commerce system, we have used LoginRadius' services. The platform has helped us facilitate the fluidity and speed of the purchasing process through social login."

Christian Tomassetti, CTO and Co-founder (Skiperformance)

Travel and Tourism

While digital transformation is a clear business impressive, the process of making this vision a reality is often less clear. There are a number of critical building blocks involved, but perhaps one of the most key is digital identity. Heightening security and improving the user experience, it sits at the foundation of digital success.

This is particularly true within the travel and tourism industries, where traveller confidence has been shaken in recent years by the health crisis.

The Situation

Our client, Skiperformance, is a big name within European ski tourism. For more than 15 years, the company - which has offices in Italy and Norway - has helped ski resorts and travelers plan ski adventures around the world.

While business was thriving, Skiperformance recognized an opportunity to improve its customer experience. The company sought an identity management solution to deliver users with secure, seamless and confidence-inspiring user experiences.

Skiperformance CTO and co-founder Christian Tomassetti turned to LoginRadius with his requirements.

The Challenges

The CEO’s ambition was to enable seamless customer experiences for travelers using the Skiperformance platform during trip planning.

As well as simplifying the e-platform’s registration experience through features such as social login, he wanted to make customer management easier, too.

The team wanted to extend the usability of the LoginRadius platform by introducing registration and social login features to travelers registering and authenticating via the Skiperformance website.

Importantly, Skiperformance needed a CIAM platform capable of addressing associated aspects like privacy violations with precision.

Discussions helped Christian and his team learn how LoginRadius cloud-based customer identity management works and how it could satisfy all of their key requirements, including:

  • seamless registration
  • hassle-free social authentication
  • streamlined customer management
  • amazing customer experiences

How LoginRadius Transformed Customer Experiences (and Security) for Skiperformance

Easy social login from 40+ providers

LoginRadius offers users an impressive choice of 40+ social media ID providers. This means wherever customers are based in the world, they can login using their preferred social media accounts.

Simple profile management

LoginRadius simplifies traveler profile management at Skiperformance, thanks to its seamless fit with technology stacks.

Unprecedented uptime

LoginRadius means Ski Performance can achieve 180K logins per second—that’s 20 times more than the closest competitor.

Advanced account security

The LoginRadius Identity Platform comes with a wide range of built-in account security capabilities that are ahead of the curve and ensure the highest level of security.


Choosing LoginRadius as its CIAM partner in 2014 met all of Skiperformance’s requirements… and then some.

Skiperformance has achieved impressive results since that decision, including:

  • 600,000 more registered users - a 40% increase.
  • Strengthened security, thanks to social login
  • Increased user confidence
  • Better customer experience
  • The e-platform meets the demands of resort customers, as well as complying with industry standards for social behavior, legal and privacy issues.


Ritika Kapahi

Written by Ritika Kapahi

A Customer Success Manager within LoginRadius. Experienced Project Management Specialist with a demonstrated history of working with the customers in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in Customer Service, Customer Retention and project management.

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